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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Help! I need a name....

Look at me! Ain't I cute?

I came on Saturday to live with my new family and they still haven't picked out a name for me.

My foster mom was calling me Darby.

Little G wants to call me Fishy.

Oldest G liked Ashes until others pointed out it sounded like, well, something else.

For awhile, they called me Sharpie (like the marker) but... turns out it, ironically, wasn't permanent.

Mommy was obsessed with the Adams Family and suggested things like Wednesday and Mortisha. But they really don't fit my cute, playful personality.

Friends have suggested Midnight, Sunday and Blackie.

Mommy is now trying to convince the kids that "Inky" is really cute and one of her favorite pacman characters.


Do you have a great unique name suggestion???

7 random thoughts:

Jon DeepBlue said...

We called our first cat Pachelbel but we all called him Patch!

Our second cat's name was Tartini but we called him Tiny!

The third one, we almost went with Wolfie (after Wolfgang A. Mozart)... but we refrained from choosing a name after a classical composer so she was finally named Zen and she was really "zen" as in very spiritual !!! She'd sit by the windows for hours without moving at all.


becca said...

how about Oliver

Monkey said...

ha, I love first thought was wicked, not sure that would be good for kids,,,

Jenners said...


Marie said...

Awww, inky is cute!! My black cat is Sweetie.. and so in doing htat, my husband can never call me Sweetie again since it's someone else's name now. Silly me.

Mitchell is Moving said...

Flash... a cross between Fishy and Ashes (sort of).

Whatever you decide to call him (her?), he/she is adorable!

Jenny Girl said...

cute! I like Inky. It's different.

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