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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Donkey Farm (part two) What I learned

My mom's new property is not exactly close. Currently she is about three hours away and when I childishly complained about her doubling the distance between us with this move she retaliated with a "You don't come see me anyway."

I will admit, that is true. This is the reason why...

Oh don't let him fool you with that cute face and almost smile. He's secretly plotting my death. Just look how intensely he is staring.

I have already written an unanswered letter to him about his manners (or lack thereof) and quite frankly I am tired of him.

In a nutshell, here's what I learned down on the farm.

  • Breaking up the trip. This was a fantastic idea! We drove halfway and stayed with my 85 year old grandmother, who is just a peach. She cooked dinner for everyone, let my inlaws come for food, prepared a breakfast and made us all chuckle with her funny stories. When it came time to leave, grandma, who was coming with us, decided to ride in the back with the kiddos so she could watch the movies. Talk about a hoot.

  • Middle of nowhere. My mom's new place is isolated. It is eight-miles-on-a-dirt road isolated. I think they should keep a chainsaw in the truck just in case they need to cut a fallen tree out of the road. This "roughing it" mentality seems to appeal to some, but it doesn't appeal to me. While I imagine my husband would love a place like my mom's, he would not be living in it with me.

  • Horses and flies. I'm gonna let you in on a little secret. Horses kind of freak me out. When depicted on TV they are always so cute and odor free. In real life they tend to be covered in flies and odoriferous. While I harbor no ill will to horses of any kind, I have no desire to own one, ride one or clean up after one.

  • Rain makes corn and corn makes whiskey. After hours of rain with no TV, no Internet and not enough whiskey, the kids (and the adults) were excited to run around the playground, even if it took nearly an hour to get there.

  • Not convinced. I hoped to find my mother excited about this next phase of her life and eager to take on all the challenges and opportunities that lie in store for her. Instead, she seemed depressed and uncertain and honestly, a little miserable. There are few things I know for sure and one is that life is too short to be miserable

I hope that life on the farm, formerly known for it's donkeys, turns out to be what both my stepfather and my mother are looking for.

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Monkey Man said...

I hope your mum can find peace and happiness, maybe it will just take some time.

that pooch sure does have a sweet face ;)

Kristie Maynard said...

Hmmmmm, what can I say. I totally understand about the dog. I hate rude animals, well and people too. I would hate to live where it takes me longer to get to and from the grocery store than it takes to do the shopping, can't imagine doing that. I could live for a little while without the tv, (notice I said little while, actually I could go quite a long time without it, but you better hav my favorite shows on DVR lol.) but no internet, that is a tough one all the way around.
Grandma sounds like a hoot. Actually she might be a little bit like my Mom, but probably gets around a little better. LOL.
I hope your Mom finds that this lifestyle suits her and she isn't as miserable as you think she is.

Jon said...

I'm kinda looking for a place like that!!!

The big city doesn't smell any better. At least, at the farm, there's peace, quietness and NATURE!

But I agree with yu: it's not for everyone.


Pat said...

I sure hope your mom is making the right decision. She seems a little iffy about this, and it's a MAJOR decision!

Is she going through the change or is she too old for that? Just wondering about her mental state. I mean this in all sincerity.

Jenners said...

It is very hard to believe that a dog that looks like that could be your evil nemisis. And it is bad that your mom isn't happy about this change. It seems curious/odd that she chose to do it. It does sound very isolated.

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