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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Things I learned from my gynecologist

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My gynecologist makes me laugh.

She's easy to talk to and answers all my questions.  She never rushes me along.

Today I learned that your blood pressure can be 114/68 and you can still be alive.  Seems really low to me but as discussed previously I am not a doctor

I learned that it's much easier to speak at career day if you are a lunchlady and not a gynecologist.

I verified that sadly your breasts do stop growing and I can finally put to rest that dream of a slightly larger cup size.

I learned that like the post office when they ask you if you are mailing anything hazardous, harmful or potentially dangerous, my doctor asks if there is anything else she should know about before she begins the exam.  Any new tattoos or piercings?  Seriously?  Does that happen a lot?

I learned that the chances of getting the handicap exam room are one out of three yet I've never been in any other room.  Coincidence or intentional?

I learned that doctor coats intentially have big holes in the sides of them so you can put your hands in your pants pockets.  Wouldn't it just be easier to put pockets in the coat?

I learned that I can personalize the above picture and give it as a gift.  Anyone else find that odd?  I mean they have a gynecologist and not a lunchlady.  You know you want to click the source link.

I laughed through the entire visit and just like at the pediatrician's office I left with a price--a pink slip for my very first mammogram.

Just imagine what I'll learn there!

9 random thoughts:

Jules said...

Totally clicked the source link! Could not resist. Mammograms are AWESOME! Nothing like a good boob smashing to complete your day. Especially when the tech is a guy man handling your boobs!

becca said...

wow you learned alot dang there goes my theory that boobs continue to grow

Monkey Man said...

I have always wondered about the holes in the doc coats....thanks for clearing that up :) Ok dont ya think I deserve an award for bravery, being a guy I still read your post after seeing the title, lol

Jenners said...

I actually find that totally interesting about the doctor coats! Thanks for sharing that. I need your gynocologist!! She sounds awesome. And have fun at your mammogram … it is just sooooo fun! ; )

Kristie Maynard said...

Interesting post! Being as I'm a "former" RN I knew some of these things already. And just so you know, all the lab coats I had always had their own pockets. Just want to clear that question up.
Now let me tell ya, don't even worry about that mammo, nothing to it! I'm old and I've had a lot of them, infact this reminds me I better make a couple appointments for myself.
Thanks for sharing these important observations.

Pat said...

I never noticed the holes in the doctor's coats. Maybe my doctors don't wear coats. Seriously. I'm really going to look next time.

The mammogram? Don't drink any caffeine for a couple of days prior to the test. Should help alleviate some of the pain. Don't be surprised when they put little metal stickers on your nipples. Can you say "awkward"? That's to show where your nipples are on the x-ray. It's embarrassing when the nipples are pointing down......

I StILL think a woman should receive a sticker afterwards that says, "Be kind to me, I just had my boobs squeezed."

Mitchell is Moving said...

Ha! When I saw the title of this post, I was afraid to click. It wasn't so bad. (But, why do gynecologists like to put their hands in their pockets so much that they had to design a special coat?)

Melbourne Gynecologist said...

Awesome things you learned from your gynecologist and thanks for sharing it by the way!

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Chelsea said...

You seem to have a really cool and funny gynecologist. It's good that your visits with your ob-gyn are not uncomfortable. Those random facts you learned are really interesting. I actually never noticed the holes at the side of doctors' coats. I think the ones I usually see are the ones with built in pockets in them. But anyway, I hope your mammogram went well and that you learned something from that too.

Chelsea Leis

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