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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Why I am not a doctor...yet

Recently a (younger) friend of mine recieved her doctorate and it got me thinking "Holy crap, she is a doctor and, well, I'm not." I started to wonder why? What is preventing me from becoming a doctor, as well?

After much consideration, I realized that I would be significantly smarter if I didn't have so many useless song lyrics jammed into the recesses of my brain. I mean, for example, take this song.

Lita Ford....seriously. Am I the only person out there that knows the words to this somewhat stupid song? How about the look? Let's hope it doesn't make a comeback anytime soon. Scarey! I feel as if these lyrics are taking up valuable brain space that could be utilized for something more useful than belting them out at the top of my lungs while driving down the interstate.

This song reminds me of a guy I dated named Gary who had hair down to his ass and a skull tatooed on the left side of his chest. My dad seriously considered buying a gun when I brought Gary home for the holidays...LMAO at that. He, is by far, the polar opposite of my husband, I wonder if Gary is a doctor?

I love me some Reba, but when you consider the fact that she has recorded like 5 million songs and most of these songs are stuck in my brain, I have to consider the fact that they could be preventing me from solving something important like school funding issues in Pennsylvania or why Lady Gaga is so bizzare. many genres can you fill your head with before you start to forget things like where did I put my keys and why did I go upstairs in the first place.

This one makes me laugh and I really don't care how much space it is taking up.

I could probally try to purge this one from my mind but I find it significantly motivating while attempting to clean. Plus it reminds me of some good times I spent at a dance club with my besties when I was much younger and no closer to a doctorate than I am now.

I bet you are all thinking the same thing. "I, too, could be a doctor. I just need to purge some useless music from my mind." There is only one problem with my flawless disertation, my friend knows just as many song lyrics as I do (maybe more).

In conclusion, I couldn't be prouder of her!   Clearly, she has a lot more space in her brain than I do in mine. It's the only logical conclusion.

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Anonymous said...

I always think we have sound tracks of our lives...yours is brilliant my friend, I say sing them loud and proud :)

Jenners said...

If I deleted all that kind of music and useless trivia, I must be a doctor -- both a Ph.D. and an MD.

Jenners said...

If I deleted all that kind of music and useless trivia, I must be a doctor -- both a Ph.D. and an MD.

septembermom said...

I think you're ready for that vlog karaoke session. LOL

Anonymous said...

Over from Red Dress Club. Awesome post, and so true. While I love the Beastie Boys, I have to call "BITCH" on referencing Bonnie Tyler. Thanks, thanks for that little nugget. In retaliation, let me just say, Hall & Oates, "Private Eyes." There, enjoy that...hehehehe!

Oh also, I'm not a doctor. I think there are more of us that didn't live up to their potential than those that did, so no worries.

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