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Friday, March 2, 2012

Lessons from the Lunchlady: please don't vomit in the milk

This week was filled with rainy weather and wound up children. Apearently those two go together like a spoon and a fork.

Here's what we learned.

It is physically impossible to supress a cough. My boss thought she could fight off her cough through kindergarten and 1st grade serving. Nope. She ended up coughing on me. Fan.freakin.tastic. At least all food and kids were spared.

Vomit continues to plague the building. We almost had a castistrophic event when a kindergarten student came within minutes of tossing his stomach contents into the milk cooler. Wow. The thought of that still makes me shudder.

Kids believe everything the art teacher says. I had to take a day off because I had a puking kid at home and the art teacher offered to help serve. Mostly she did it just so she could tell the kids the black bean empanadas had fudge in them. (insert evil laugh)

Carrots should last at least a week. We recieved produce on Tuesday including a case of 200 individually wrapped bags of baby carrots. Expiration date 3-3-12. Um..guess everyone is having carrots with their pizza.

Pancakes and jelly? We served pancakes with jelly instead of syrup this week and those kids were beside themselves. When they realized no syrup would appear some were surprised by how much they actually liked the jellied pancakes.

In conclusion, please try hard not to vomit in the milk cooler, eat your carrots before Saturday, don't believe the art teacher, everything is better with jelly and never try to hold in a're gonna hurt yourself.

What did you learn?

9 random thoughts:

TortugaRachel said...

As a diabetic, syrup is a huge no-no for me. On the occasion when I dare to eat pancakes, I try to balance having those extra carbs by spreading peanut butter on them so I get some protein (also keeps me away from needing bacon or sausage). Pancakes and peanut butter is soooo yummy!

Pish Posh said...

Oh lunch lady. Starting a story with a vomit in milk reference will always grab my attention. Argh. The visual is unbearable.

A student of mine is a lunch lady at a private school. She says students make fun of her weight (she's pretty small, just squishy like me) and say fairly rude things - and tell her she looks like she's sleepy or saggy. Does this stuff happen to you? I mean are the kids well behaved?

Kristie Maynard said...

Some interesting lessons. I asked my daughter if she believed everything her elementary art teacher told her and her response was "Mom, I believed everything ALL my teachers told me." I think kids think their teachers would never lie.
I learned that apparently you can only have 20 games of Words With Friends going at one time. I know, I know, I'm an addict. but I do love that game. It enhances my word power and keeps my mind working in my old age.

Miss Kendra said...

Our carrots came with the date of the 3rd as the expiration date too. We got ours on Wednesday! What a waste. I was not happy at all!

Miss Kendra said...

We received carrots this week as well. They expire on the 3rd as well. We got ours on Wednesday! What a waste!!

Jenners said...

Milk and vomit … a match made in heaven.
And jellied pancakes. Never occured to me but I guess it isn't all that weird.
And your art teacher is evil in the best kind of way!

Wendy said...

What did I learn this week?
1. Getting up at 4:00 to go on a photo shoot always sounds better when you are making the plans to do so!
2. Driving when it is dark and fog as dense as pea soup can be very scary especially when you have no idea where you are going!
3. Taking pictures in dense fog is not always the best idea.
4. The sun always comes out AFTER you want it to!
5. Periodically check the memory card in your camera when on said Photo shoot!

Glad you had a fantabulous week and the munchkins are feeling better! :)

Kenya G. Johnson said...

Those individual bags of carrots don't last very long. They can actually turn you off of baby carrots altogether. - nuff said - I'd rather eat them bugs bunny style.

septembermom said...

Hmmm, jellied that's a thought.

Sorry about that cough landing on you.

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