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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pish Posh Get Fit Challenge: spring clean your life

I'm linking myself up with Pish Posh's Get Fit challenge and I am encouraging you all to do the same.

Do you have any left over New Year's resolutions that are nagging at you? Do you find yourself complaining more than rejoicing? Do you need to write more? To whine less? To take your own advice and avoid people who make you unhappy?

Link up with Pish every Thursday for the next 10 weeks. We can encourage each other. We can share our successes and our failures. She's giving away a cool prize and best of all when it ends, you might just be in a better place than where you were when it started.


I'd like to finish my NANOWRIMO novel. I'm almost at 40,000 words and I want to get to 50,000-55,000 by May 10th. No excuses.

I want to get a little more physically active. I've been trying to get on the treadmill a couple of times a week, but failing miserably. I feel out of shape phyically and mentally. When I do walk/run in the morning I feel really proud of myself. My goal is three times a week. Let's not get too crazy.


I have to be ServSafe Certified to manage the school cafeteria and my exam is on March 26th. I'd like to prove to myself that I'm not as dumb as I think I am. That being said, I need to retain a legthy list of foodborne illnesses and their causes which include things like Bacillus cereus gastroenteritis, Shigellosis and Cryptosporidiosis.

I'd also like to submit a few more billable articles for the newspaper. Lately I've been attending numerous meetings with little to nothing to write about.


I have never been secretive about my desire to be praised and adored. It is my curse. My Words of Afirmation love language. This makes life challenging, as taking criticism (even well intended criticism) is exceptionally difficult for me. This makes PTO exhausting as I cannot possibly please everyone. This makes letting people read anything I write terrifying, this makes me suffer from blog comment jealousy.

I need to work on that. Just because someone doesn't like my book doesn't mean they don't like me.

What will you be working on? What will you be cleaning up and making to shine like new?

Stop over. Visit Pish and link up with us. We're going to be in each other's corners spreading enough words of affirmation to drowned out all those negative voices in our heads.

7 random thoughts:

becca said...

sounds like a great challenge will go check

Pish Posh said...

I will definitely help with words of affirmation!! I hope you get lots of visitors supporting you too!! :)


TortugaRachel said...

I'm totally doing this! Count me in among your fellow challengers and cheering squad!

Mitch Block said...

I think I need to resolve to check Pish Posh. Do I get a prize if I at least do that?

For Your Mental Health: You are brilliant. You write exquisitely. You have an unparalleled sense of humor. I can't heap enough words of praise upon you because there aren't enough words in the English language. I adore you!

Jenners said...

I think those are good realistic goals. Good luck!

Pish Posh said...

Great goals!! First, how about congratulating yourself on writing 40,000 words already? Jeeps that is a lot!! What is that 160 pages? A HUNDRED AND SIXTY PAGES?! That right there deserves Praise! Adoration! :)

So you've got 4 more pages a week for the next 10 weeks. That's about 1/2 a page a day. You are all over this. You got this. Come on!!

Thank so much for linking up and I hope to hear next week that you've gotten some exercise and some pages written. I know it's hard to show people but if I feel I *have* to show people that deadline gets me cracking. Maybe commit to having a friend read a new 4 pages next week? Or at least giving yourself a reward when you do finish them?

Good luck!

TriGirl said...

I also joined Pish Posh's challenge. Nice work on the novel-writing! Good luck with the exam...will be checking in with Pish Posh weekly :)

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