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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hump Day Craft Post: Birthday book

I am trying to get some scrappin' done.  I can spend hours in my craft room and not think of anything except what I want the next page to look like.  My son's birthday book is a couple birthdays behind.

Here is a slide show of his 6th birthday.  We had a Tom & Jerry theme.  I don't like to post pics of other people's children without their permission so the faces of the children that aren't mine have been removed.

Makes the entire thing look a little creepy...doesn't it.  LOL

Now if I can find the time to scrap year seven and eight,  I'll be caught up for a few short months.

What projects have you been working on lately?

4 random thoughts:

~Wendy said...

My current project is called, "find the kitchen bar". The graphs showing my progress look a bit like the elevation change maps for the Appalachian Trail... Some days are simply better than others... :O)

Mitch Block said...

The birthday book is great (and, yes, extremely creepy). I haven't worked on anything lately. Maybe you'll inspire me.

becca said...

i have no projects as i'm being lazy this week

septembermom said...

Awesome birthday book! You are super talented :)

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