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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Three types of parents...which one are you?

My co-worker and I were able to come up with three types of parents.  Sure, there are mostly like thousands of subgroups, but in general, they all fall under one of these three groups.

Like me, my kid isn't perfect and will make mistakes.  This group is the most reasonable.  This is the group you want to be in.  This is the group that realizes that at some point their child is gonna disappoint them.  This group takes into account that we have all had EPIC fails and it is safe to bet our children will too.  What we hope is that, like us, our children learn from them.

Not my child.  This group is raising kids who do nothing wrong.  Kids who are wrongly punished.  Kids who would never step out of line, unless of course, provoked.  Once provoked, retaliation is not only warranted but completely encouraged.  This "it was not my fault" mentality follows them into adulthood.  It stands to reason that, like their parents, they will always be the victim of circumstances.

I have kids?  This group is mocked for their incompetency.  They have little interest in the small people referring to them as "mom" or "dad" and can't be bothered with simple things like providing appropriate attire.

Your thoughts?

7 random thoughts:

David Allen Waters said...

I'm just the uncle who spoils them and sends them

but if I had kids I would probably be one who was all like "Oh my angel would never do that..." ;)

Kristie Maynard said...

Love your categories. The only one I'd add to that, and maybe it would be a kind of sub-category would be the "You're such a problem and so stupid, but you don't need to take responsibility for your actions, because I don't either." These are the parents who have kids that are a problem, probably because they are actaully in the "I don't see you" category. But as they get older, even though they cause trouble, get into all kinds of problems and act like total screw ups, they don't EVER take responsibility for anything they do. Everyone else is at fault and nothing EVER is their responsibility.
Can you tell, I've had to deal with this type a lot?!?!
Don't ya wonder why some people even have kids?

kt moxie said...

Oh man, I so know parents in category #2!

becca said...

i'm in the first group i know my child isn't perfect but he he pretty awesome on some days

Jenners said...

I'm sure that I fall into the first group. Whew!

DeepBlue said...

My mom is #1. My dad is #2.

Oooh! Now I know why there are seperated! ;)

I guess that you can identify which category the kids' parents fall into just by watching the kids behaviour in the cafeteria. I would also guess that type #1 is sadly in great minority!

septembermom said...

I deal with type #3 parents all the time. I seem to have their kids with me way too much.

Love all the categories.

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