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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

RemembeRed: sisterly love

The gravel crackled beneath my sneakers.

The crisp fall wind tousled my hair and felt cool in my lungs.

I was running away.

I felt like I could run forever.  I would never let her catch up.  I would run until I ran around the world before I would ever let her catch up.  I was gonna be first!

"Stop!"  she hollered.

"Wait for me!" 

Her six year old legs couldn't compete with my 10 year old legs.

My arms were swinging.  The wind was making my eyes water.  That crackling gravel got louder. The laces in my sneakers worked their way undone.  In seconds I was falling, sliding towards the sewer grate.

It was broken.  Unsafe. A part of it was missing.  My leg went down through the grate and I couldn't pull it back out.

Blood was seeping from both my legs, my elbows and my chin.

She could of kept running.  She could have caught the ice cream truck, but she didn't.

She stopped.  She was crying too.  The ice cream was long forgotten.

She tried to pull me free but she could not.  Her little six year old legs ran all the way home to get dad.  He yanked me free, pulling most of the skin off of my right shin.

Bandaged in many spots but feeling the love of family.

5 random thoughts:

Alison said...

Wow, that was a touching post. I'm sorry you got hurt, but it's great your sister was there for you. I can totally relate to the competitive sister thing too-mine is 4 years younger than me.

becca said...

wow what a story and very well written

Anonymous said...

your love of family always brings a know enough of my history to know my that mums gone, I really dont have family....

these memories you share are priceless my friend


Jenners said...

Wow … I'm pretty sure my brothers would have kept going for the ice cream.

septembermom said...

This was written so beautifully. You have such a great love for family. Terrific post!

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