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Friday, August 5, 2011

Poolside Perspective: what I learned (week 6)

It is time, once again, for the poolside perspective. The time of the week when we sit down to reflect what we have learned at the public pool this week.

Pool bags don't last. Seems to me that I can never pick a pool bag that will make it through the season. I realize that I stuff 'em full, but we are only talking a few months. If you have a pool bag you love, give me a link to it. Please.

Socks and Sandals. I loath this trend. Loath. In fact, at our house no one but daddy is allowed to wear socks in the summer because I hate to fold them. Plain and simple. If you are gonna wear 'em, you are gonna fold 'em.

THAT'S JUST NASTY. I mean first off who puts down outdoor carpeting poolside unless they are hiding something. Second, ever hear of a hose? Nasty. Just plain nasty.

Cloudy = empty. We had the entire pool to ourselves because the threat of rain kept everyone away. I don't understand this. If you have a membership, you can come for any length of time. Between you and I, sometimes I really need those kids to swim!

Volume is key. I think one of the key qualifications to becoming a lifeguard, in addition to the ability to swim, should be the ability to speak loudly. Whispering "Move away from the bottom of the slide" is not effective.

My poolside days are numbered.. Sadly, there is less than three weeks to the start of school. Only two more installments of the poolside perspective remain (gasp). I am not ready to return to the kitchen...

What did you learn this week?

7 random thoughts:

septembermom said...

I love going to the pool on a cloudy day. It's empty here then too. My only problem is I hate the threat of lightning. It seems like it always happens just when I arrive and then we have to wait around for an hour. Enjoy these pool days!! I am!

Jenny Girl said...

The lesson I learned this week was you should wait 45 minuted before going on a roller coaster after eating a slice of pizza. 15 minutes was not enough time :(

I hate socks and sandals. why bother, put on sneakers.

Jenners said...

Wait … socks with sandals isn't a good idea?

Kristie Maynard said...

Socks with sandals is about as attractive as the pants hanging off their butts!
My son wears those low under the ankle socks with his and they aren't as bad as the ones the guys in the video had on, by no means. Used to be if you wore socks with anything when your legs were showing, you were definately not in style. Things sure have changed.
What I learned this week is that some people can NEVER be trusted and will make up the stupidest stories. Also that some people think if a person is 86 they don't know what's happening around them. NOT SO!

becca said...

hehe yep that whole sock and sandal thing is so not cute and yuck that carpet is gross

Anonymous said...

I'm baaaaaaaaaack, and so glad I stopped by today..your post never cease to entertain and delight :)

hugs friend

Randi said...

I starting reading your poolside post and then just kept going down the page. I couldn't stop laughing! I definitely enjoy your sense of humor. You got yourself a new follower. :)

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