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Friday, May 27, 2011

Lessons from the lunchlady: Milkmen deserve their reputation

We are in the home stretch.
Just 6 1/2 days of school remain. I have mixed feelings about this.
Part of me is thinking YES and the other part is screaming NO. I keep thinking it's gonna be great not to have to make lunch, wipe tables and do dishes and then I realize that I still have to do all that crap, I just won't be getting any pay.

Here's what I learned this week.
  • Eventually there's no more chicken. We laugh often about how many times chicken is on our menu. Hip chicken, chicken balls, chicken stix, chicken sandwiches, chicken fries...we serve ALOT of chicken. So when I found and purchased funny chicken shirts for everyone and then found out we didn't have chicken THE REST OF THE YEAR I was a little peeved. We decided we didn't care and we're wearing our new shirts on Tuesday for honey BBQ ribs.
  • Choices, choices and more choices. Next year's menu is gonna include not only a hot lunch and two alternatives but will also give students a choice between a hot vegetable and a cold one. I truly can't imagine having to ask a five year old, "Would you like the cheeseburger, the turkey sandwich or the peanut butter and jelly. Now do you want green beans or a salad or chilled peaches or fruit juice. Pick two."  KILL ME NOW. 
  • Taco salad vs. Chef salad. These two items fought it out on the menu this week. Taco salad edged out the Chef salad and it was great to see all those little kids eating lettuce. Even if I'm convinced that most of them thought they ordered a taco.
  • Boogers are not on the menu. We had a little boy just diggin for gold in the line this week. Thankfully his teacher stressed that booger pickin' shouldn't be done at school. The little boy behind him said, "I hope I never see that again." It was tooo funny.
  • Milkmen deserve their reputation. I'm pretty sure the milkman asked me to run off with him today but I'm hoping that the entire thing was a miscommunication. By miscommunication, I mean I'm hoping he didn't really say, "Hop in the truck and I'll take you with me but I'm certain I'm getting a better deal than you are." (insert flirty tone and smile) Um...he could be my father although in his defense I do look hot in a hairnet!

  • Six and 1/2 days and only one more milk delivery to go.

    What did you learn this week?

6 random thoughts:

Kristie Maynard said...

I have a few questions. First of all, don't the kids order their lunch before hand? When my kids were in elementary school, the teacher took a count each morning and sent it down to the cafeteria. then when lunchtime came, they got in line in the order of the slip that was sent. Like all the hamburgers, then pizza, then chicken patty etc. The lunch lady had the one that was sent down and if there was a discrepency they knew it. then the kids would make their veggie choice or whatever.
How many choices do they have. Just the 3? My kids had about 5-6 choices that were on the menu every day and then the "A" lunch which was the spaghetti, tacos, specialty pizza etc. Now when I was a kid, we got 2 choices, either what they served us or what we brought from home. I graduated from elementary school in 1969 and still know that Thursday was spaghetti and green beans and friday was fish sandwich and french fries, which of course were done in the oven and ended up cold and floppy by the time we got them. We NEVER got something yummy like pizza, tacos or ribs.
Guess I just re-learned the things just aren't the same as when I was in school. LOL!
Keep an eye on that milkman! Sounds pretty interested to me! ha ha ha.

David Allen Waters said...

I learned it not a good idea to be taking a drink of coke while reading your post about the milk man...coke being snorted from the nose while laughing does not feel good :)

happy weekend friend

Jenners said...

Choices + little kids = impending insanity for you!!

septembermom said...

You must be rockin' that hairnet!

KLo said...

One of the lessons I quickly learned when I became a teacher was this: be sure to make friends with the custodians, the secretaries, and the lunch ladies. It was good advice : )

But seriously, what an underappreciated job! Keep smiling :-)

Jenny said...

Oh my goodness that is going to be a lot of choices for elementary school. I have helped in the lunchroom and some of those kids just look at you like you have four eyes on your head when you give them two choices.

The booger thing cracked me up and grossed me out ;)

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