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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Reasons I love my job -- #3

Last week I started sharing some of the things I love about my jobs. 

I posted this reason and this reason why I love being a lunch lady.  I had every intention of posting this very post you are reading the next day on all the reasons I love being a freelance writer for the newspaper.

That was until I was verbally abused by a school district superintendent who didn't like the headline that ran with my piece.  Most educated people know that the writers don't write the headlines.

It's all about layout and where the piece will be and how big the headline needs to be.  Even after I explained this quite nicely to said offended super she said and I quote, "I don't care.  All of ________ is blaming you."  Really?  The entire district is blaming me...for a headline?

Sadly, a correction ran and an apology was given yet she still has yet to contact me to apologize for her downright ignorance.  Not like I really expected it or anything.

That being said, I have cooled off considerably and I'm ready to tell you what I love about freelance work for the newspaper. 

  • GRADUATIONS.  Anyone who has read this blog for any length of time can tell you that I am a graduation junkie.  I love receiving advice from 17 and 18 year olds.  I keep my fingers crossed that someone will quote Dr. Seuss.  The season is right around the corner and I hope to attend at least five!
  • MY NAME IN PRINT.  Granted my name may be on the story with the incorrect headline or it might be followed with an in depth account of a new traffic speed hump but I still love seeing it.  Just between you and I...I really like it when my kids find it.  "Hey...look, mom.  This story is written by you."
  • THE REGULARS.  At every meeting I attend (usually at least 8 a month) there are some regulars.  Taxpayers that actually care what the school board is doing, bored old men, and just to keep things interesting a jaded employee or a random crazy.  I like talking to them.  I like hearing the reason behind why they come.  In general, I'm nosey and that is very good for what I do.
  • THE COMPETITION.  I live in an area that prints both a morning and and an afternoon paper.  I have worked for the afternoon paper for five years now.  I often sit with the reporter who is covering the same meeting for the morning paper.  I realize that we are supposed to be fierce competitors trying to upstage each other with the better story.  But let's be serious, we write about things like school budgets, sewer repairs and stadium turf.  No one is usurping anyone else.
Tell me at least one thing you like about your job...

4 random thoughts:

Amanda said...

I can understand why you wouldn't want to post this, right after such an incident, but I can also understand why you did post it. Overall it sounds like a great job. :)

Anonymous said...

well poop on her! I think you are brilliant, anyone who doesnt agree can just go jump ;)


Becca said...

It bothers me when people are quick to contact you when you've upset them but yet they never do once you've apologized or done what they wanted you to!

Jenners said...

That is pretty nasty. Poo on her. And I'm in shock you can have a morning AND an afternoon paper!!! I thought papers were a dying breed!

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