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Monday, April 25, 2011

Important things to remember prior to visiting family for the holidays

I blinked my eyes and it was Easter. 

Easter was, according to the calendar, rather late this year.  However it didn't really feel all that late to me.  I realize that these important reminders would have been more appropriate had I provided them to you last week, prior to your family gatherings, but I've been told that it is better late than never.

Read.  Remember. And you will be more prepared for your next holiday gathering.

  1. Wine.  Holidays go better with wine.  It's important to remember that the more you drink, the less everyone annoys you.  Of course, if you drink too much, you become the annoying one.  Use caution.
  2. Quiet.  It's important to remember two words...internal dialoge.  Your ability to keep your mouth shut even when you'd rather not is priceless.  Holidays flow smoother if you don't say everything running rampant through your mind.  **note** if you are struggling with this rule try texting a friend who may be trapped at her own holiday gathering.
  3. Food + Kids.  Unlike adults, kids could care less if the focus of the holiday gathering is the meal.  You aren't going to get them to eat any more than you would if it was lunch on Tuesday.  Best not to stress over the fact that they ate one greenbean and licked a piece of ham.  This distaste for Easter dinner does not mean they don't like Easter.  Give them some chocolate and let them leave the room.
  4. Dishes.  It is best to have a dishwasher if you are planning on feeding more than three people.  If, however, you happen to be celebrating at your in-laws and they haven't updated their kitchen since 1972 then try convincing the men that it is their duty to help clean up. 
  5. Egg hunts.  In regards to No. 1., hide the eggs before you open the wine.  That way you will be more likely to remember where you hid them.
Hope you had a blessed Easter.  Filled with the HOPE of salvation, the laughter of children, the sweet taste of peanut butter eggs and at least one glass of expensive (or cheap) wine.

4 random thoughts:

Amanda said...

Hear, hear! Lots of truth there. :)

David Allen Waters said...

doesnt everything go better with

TortugaRachel said...

but...but... egg hunts are far more exciting when the wine is imbibed prior to the hiding...

Caitlin said...

Ha! You speak the truth! I am pretty sure that my kid didn't even LICK the ham! Thank goodness for pbj or he would have starved by now!

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