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Friday, April 22, 2011

Lessons from the Lunchlady: Ingredients are key

This week was only four days long.  We're on holiday break until next Wednesday.  My weekend plans involve a lot of family so I'm planning on picking up some wine.

Here are a few things I learned this week:

  • Ingredients are worth reading:  We had hamburgers earlier this week.  Two different cases arrived.  I realize the pictures are fuzzy but even without looking you can clearly tell that one package contains little more than beef and the other package contains, not only a soy allergy warning, but about 12 things I can't pronounce.  I brought this to the attention of our Food Service department and I'm hoping that I don't see Case No 9780 anymore.
  • Syrup.  It never fails.  If a kid is going to spill their little, tiny syrup cup it's gonna land directly on their crotch.  It's amazing how much syrup those little cups hold.  I just send them straight to the nurse for new pants.
  • Jelly Beans .  My boss bought enough jelly beans and gummy bunnies for the entire school...even the packers.  We waited until the first lunch wave was seated and then we delivered our holiday surprise.  Much to our annoyance by the time the other waves started to arrive they all were very EXPECTANT of jelly beans.  Lots of little kids saying, "Hey where's my jelly beans?"  and "How come I didn't get no jelly beans?"  Really?  I realize they are at the age when fairness is key but give us a chance before you start demanding. 
  • The name game.  I had a dream that we were going to start naming meals after teachers and other staff.  This became a really fun game we played most of the week.  Mrs. D's Delicious Potato Bowl, Mrs. Z's small snack of cheeze-its, Dr. P's perfect peas, Mrs. W's terrific tator tots.  We might come up with a menu board for the start of next year.
What did you learn this week?

6 random thoughts:

Amanda said...

Yikes. Good thing you caught this. Many of those additives are so unnecessary. The entitlement is a bit of a turnoff though, isn't it.

David Allen Waters said...

sometimes when i read whats in the stuff i eat it freaks me out, then i wont eat the stuff, and that makes me sad cause I love FOOD :)

kt moxie said...

Caramel color added? Patties need caramel color? Ewww.... Also glad I don't eat red meat...

Caitlin said...

NASTY! It is no wonder we have so many health and obesity issues! All of these additives, our poor bodies are freaking out!

Bummer about the jelly beans- I feel the same way a lot with my children. It is way more fun to give if they don't have that sense of entitlement!

T Rex Mom said...

I am sickened by the ingredient list. It scares me that some schools do not allow home lunches to be brought in. My kids are not yet school age but I think they'll be packing their own lunches. Nothing against the excellent hands preparing the carmel-colored patties.

Jenners said...

Oh more 9760 or whatever it was.

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