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Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Day the Bus Driver and I became (intimately) aquainted

For those of you expecting are at the wrong blog.  Sorry to disappoint.  **smile**

This story is about one of the most embarrassing incidents of my childhood.

Picture it-- You are in 9th grade.  You are 14.  You are trying terribly hard to be cool. 

You are wearing all the hip things.  At that time, that probably included shoulder pads and leather fringe jackets. 

You are teasing your hair WAAAAAAYYYYY out.

You are "so done" with riding the bus. 

You are not paying attention and talking to your friend behind you when you trip up the steps and land FACE FIRST onto the bus driver's lap.  

This may or may not be the actual bus driver I had in the 9th grade.

It's bad, right?  But your thinking it's not that bad.

I forgot to mention my maiden name -- BLUE.

Enough said.

This post was inspired by Mama Kat's world famous writer's workshop

12 random thoughts:

David Allen Waters said...

hehheee ;)

Kristie Maynard said...

Now that would be embarassing! Funny story to tell though! Thanks for sharing it.

kt moxie said...

Oh. My. Goodness. You have painted quite a picture...

leslie@gleaninggrace said...

yes! I do believe yours topped mine!

stopping by from MamaKat's...

Mama Kat said...

You said SO much in such a little space...I can think of NOTHING more embarrassing to a teenage girl then what you just described.

Amanda said...


Oh, I feel for you! We don't give us enough credit for surviving these years!

The Reason You Come said...

Oh my! That was really an, um, intimate moment between you and the bus driver! Hehe. ;)

Lady Estrogen said...

Haha.. ohh.. that damn school bus. My bus driver was EXACTLY like Otto from the Simpsons - and his name was Zeek. We thought he was awesome - but now I know he was just a weirdo burn-out. LOL

Jen said...

Ha! That is hilarious. Thanks for the evening laugh.

Paulette said...

OMG!! I was laughing so hard my 4yo thought I'd finally flipped permanently! I can think of nothing worse than what you described.Glad you lived through it (I'm sure you thought you wouldn't) to tell us about it some years later. Thanks for sharing.

Visiting from Mama Kats

(sorry if you get this 2x, 1st time gave me error)

Harter said...

What a wonderful laugh! Thanks so much for sharing that embarrassing memory from your past with us!

Stopping by from Mama Kat's

septembermom said...

That is so embarrassing!!!

You really gave us a good image in your short post here.

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