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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Today was one of those days

Today was one of those days. 

One of those days where nothing goes right.

One of those days when you feel like the worst parent in the entire world.

My day started with my son bursting into tears at school while I was serving breakfast.  I'm in the middle of that and he is literally sobbing because he...wait for it...

wait for it....


OMG.  Is someone playing a joke on me?  Why does my seven year old son care what he looks like in his sweatshirt.  He's a 42 pound 1st grader.

Not only was he crying, but he couldn't get a hold of himself.  Even after the bell rang he was still crying.  He went to class sobbing.  His teacher made it a point to talk to me.  She wanted bring it to the attention of the school counselor, whom he already visits regularly because he has trouble controlling his emotions.  A.K.A. He cries all the time.

I told his teacher that I already mentioned it to the counselor.  Apparently the counselor spoke with Little G later in the afternoon. But when I asked him about it he told me he prefers to speak to Miss R about it and not to me.

That hurts...just a little.

Middle daughter has been nothing but belligerent all week.  Today was no exception.  She has a way of being the bully and the victim at the same time.  She has a way of thinking that everyone is against her and nobody loves her. 

She screams at me a lot.  She tells her dad that she doesn't think I love her.

That hurts...just a little.  Okay...maybe a lot.

Oldest daughter won't get out of bed.  Oldest daughter doesn't like to shower.  Oldest daughter smells like an old gym sock.  I beg her every morning to put on deodorant.  I ask her repeatedly to address her hygiene.  She doesn't.  She rolls her eyes at me and tells me she is wearing deodorant.  Her clothing smells.  Her coat smells.

I feel bad that I miss the toddler version of her.

My evening was suppose to be enjoyable.  I was taking the kids to swim at the high school.  It was a school function.  It was free if you brought a can good.

It was from 6-8:30.

We shoveled some food in our mouths at 5:00; we picked up some friends and we were at the high school at 6 sharp.  A miracle.

And the door was locked.

The librarian was there.  She organized the event.  The high school principal was located but he didn't know anything about it.  The pool was closed.  There were no lifeguards there.  Could we wait while he called some?

More people started to arrive.

It was louder than 3rd grade lunch.

It was crowded and it was hot. 

We had been waiting for almost 45 minutes when I see a fifth grade teacher bringing my kid back to me.  My son apparently was punching people and may or may not have spit on someone.  Fan...frickin...tastic.

The lifeguards arrive but the lights aren't on.

Not one of the administrators there knows how to turn them on.  They need to locate the custodian (who I'm sure makes a lot less money) to turn on the lights.

After an hour long wait the pool is open.

I am not letting my son in.  He is pissed.

I made him wait 5 whole minutes before letting him swim.  He stuck his butt in the water and got out.  It was too cold.  Seriously?  After pissing around for another 30 minutes he finally got in the water.

This day has just sucked. 

This week has been dragging since Tuesday. 

So I ask you am I the only mother out there that loves her kids with all her heart but on some days doesn't really like them?

4 random thoughts:

David Allen Waters said...

my mum loved me more than anything, but on more than one occasion didnt like my actions:)


Jenners said...

Oh Man. This sounds really rough. And I think what you are feeling is something ALL moms feel at some point ... whether they admit it or not. Hope things get better.

Kristie Maynard said...

Oh, we all have our days and our moments don't we?!?! Sorry it was such a bad day, I can so totally empathize!

septembermom said...

You're not alone in that department. There are weeks that I can't take my kids and all their moodiness. So sorry that you had such a bad day. Hope things get better. Who said that motherhood is easy???

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