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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Third Graders Push My Buttons

I had a minor nervous breakdown today at 3rd grade lunch.  We were serving popcorn chicken, fries, assorted fruit and a roll for lunch today.

We went out of our way to make special chicken for the two kids in the building allergic to the popcorn kind.

We put out carrots and ranch dip even though they weren't on the menu.

We put out sweet and sour sauce.

We put out honey mustard sauce.

We put out BBQ sauce.

We put out mayo, ketchup and mustard.

And what do the kids say? 

"Get me some butter!"   "Do I need to tell a teacher on you or are you gonna get the butter?"  "Why ain't their jelly?"  "Where are the knifes?"  Knifes?  Really?

To top it off they don't even ask to leave the cafeteria to use the restroom.  They just sort of tell you.

"Hey, yo I'm going to the bathroom."

Hey, yo???

Surely you aren't talking to a grown up are you?

After everyone was seated the aide blew her whistle and we loudly explained to them that if they continue to be rude they will not be given any condiments.  Last time I checked that stuff wasn't on the menu.  So in other words it can be removed at anytime. 

Ask nicely, yo!  Or you ain't getting no butter for that roll!

5 random thoughts:

SparkleFarkle said...

Seriously, I wouldn't have bothered with the whistle OR a warning. For starters, "I" would be a small price to pay in order to make good manners a part of these little kids' (<--who will someday be in charge of the world. Just think about it a minute...scary, huh?) scenery. LET ME AT 'EM, I tell ya! LET ME AT 'EM! (LOL!)

WordsPoeticallyWorth said...

Some children need reprogramming, and reeducating about having Christianly morals and values, and to respect authority in its entirety!

Sorry for your distress and angst!

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Becca said...

It is amazing how disrespectful children really can be! I hope my kids never act like that or they are NOT going to like me very much at all!

septembermom said...

I see it in my son's 2nd grade class. The kids seem to think it's okay to be really casual and sarcastic with adults. Scary to think of where all the respect is these days.

Jenners said...

Jeez ... just reading about your experiences in the lunch room make me fear for our future!

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