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Friday, January 28, 2011

Lessons from the Lunchlady

This week was filled with wild and crazy and the kids were a little out there too.  I find that I don't really need to watch the weather channel as I can tell when we will be getting snow just based on how the students are behaving.

Here's what I learned this week:

Lunch duties are difficult for those over 70:  My co-worker lost her grandma this week and took a day off to attend funeral services.  We were blessed to have a sub but I must tell you I was surprised by her age.  She seemed to have a lot of trouble performing tasks like cleaning the tables, rapidly putting dishes away and moving faster than 5 m.p.h.

Kids are always honest:  Even when it comes to things that happen in their homes, kids will just tell it like they think it is.  I asked a 2nd grader about his new haircut and he told me "my dad drank 6 beers and then cut my hair...I don't think it was a good idea."

Rotten milk makes for a bad breakfast:  We had a few days off to mark the end of the marking period and for report card preparation.  We thought our milk was going to be fine, the dates were all good and we had no reason to believe they would spoil.   Until breakfast the day we came back and the kids dumped rotten chocolate milk on their fruit loops.  Let me tell you, that is a real gag reflex test.

Early release for weather:  When snow starts falling hard enough to require an early release, lunch time becomes something crazy and sporadic.  I was very thankful that I wasn't in charge and just had to go with the flow.

Picture day and BBQ chicken.  These two days can not walk hand in hand.  Thankfully, picture day was rescheduled.  Hopefully not for pasta and meatball day.

Two hour delay and re inspection day:  We were reinspected as per the state requirement. Apparently a perfect rating on Thanksgiving dinner isn't impressive enough.  We had to get another perfect on a two hour delay while working with a substitute.  What can I say...we ROCK!

What did you learn this week?

5 random thoughts:

SparkleFarkle said...

"What did you learn this week?"

If your crumbling crackers in your soup, Ritz do not the mustard cut! My kingdom for some Saltines!!!

Have a great weekend!

Kristie Maynard said...

What have I learned this week? Hmmmmmmm! How can I put this nicely?? Guess I can't. Some people are just rude and don't appreciate others. I help out at a local scrapping studio. The gal that owns and runs it has 3 little boys and can't always open, so she has me open for her and I love doing it. There is one woman who no matter what we do, it is wrong. There was a 'potluck crop' last week, scheduled from 3-11. This woman didn't think that was a good time, should open earlier so she could come and leave early because she goes to bed early. She didn't come, and that's okay. All she does is complain about what we do, when we open, when we close, that we won't open early for her and on and on and on! She criticizes that the owner doesn't always come in, doesn't matter that she would like a little family time! And why can't Kristie open early? Well guess what, maybe Kristie has a life too! Of course if I open early and she can come then she wouldn't want to have to pay any more than if I opened 2-3 hrs later. Why can't people just appreciate what they have that is good and what others do and not criticize everything?
Okay, I've rambled on long enough! Thanks for listening, guess I needed to vent and this was the perfect opportunity!

Kristie Maynard said...

Just saw your comment on my blog and I'd be glad to stamp a few of those turtles and send them off to you! I just remembered that this is my friends stamp, but I think I have a couple already stamped off. Send me an e-mail with the address you want them sent to and I will get them out to you. E-mail me at

Gina said...

The picture day thing cracked me up.

The kids at our school always pour chocolate milk on their cereal, which I think is gross enough...but sour chocolate milk? Gag, gag, gag.

Jenners said...

You guys do rock!!

And I just love love love this series.

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