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Thursday, October 14, 2010

7 things that stress me out about birthday parties

My son turns 7 next Tuesday, which I can barely believe.  He's my baby and it's hard to see him so independent, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't glad that he can get himself some breakfast.

That being said his birthday party is this weekend and here are a few things that are stressing me out.

  1. My dad and step mom are coming as well as my mom and step dad.  I don't know about you but this makes for a Saturday Night Live skit.  Often times I find myself wondering how these strangers turned into my parents.
  2. Throw in some stepparents and add some in laws and now you really have a party.  The sad thing is that I see my in laws way more often than I see my own parents so I'm actually more comfortable around them.
  3. Years of birthday parties have taught me a few things.  Don't make them very long.  If you don't want to serve lunch or supper have them in the mid-afternoon.  Always have alcohol....not for the kids but for the grownups.
  4. Crafts and boys.  All of my kids, including my son, love to make crafts, color, paint, glue, use name it.  The problem is that I've come to find out that not all boys like to craft.  Little G wants to paint some ceramic dogs at his party.  I'm stressed thinking about handfuls of boys with paintbrushes in my kitchen.  I should probably put the real dog outside.
  5. Gift boxes.  For some reason I'm ALWAYS afraid that I'm going to run out of them.
  6. The cake.  This year my son wants me to make a dog cake.  I looked everywhere for a cake pan--no dogs--no bones.  I'm winging it with two heart shaped cake pans.  This may turn out disastrous.
  7. Presents.  Anyone else have too much crap?  I'm actually not sure I can take any more Lego's, cars, light sabers or Nerf guns.  I want to raise my children to be grateful and respectful and sometimes I feel like birthday parties teach ungratefulness and disrespect.
Of course, getting to watch my son blow out the candles, seeing his face when he opens that gift he "just had to have" and hearing him say "this was the bestest day ever" make me forget all the above.

3 random thoughts:

Anonymous said...

Party planing is always so of luck my friend..and happy early bday to your son.

Anonymous said...

Planing a party always makes me pull out my hair...and I cant really spare

Jenners said...

Birthday parties ... especially as you described them ... are stressful. I could see that crafts might not work for some boys ... but it is your son's party, I guess! Good luck!

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