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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How I did on my summer to do list

Near the middle of June I complied a list of 30 things I'd like to do this summer.  Today we're gonna find out how well (or how bad) I did.

  1. Visit with FamilyI did pretty well with this one.  In June, my friend B and I went to visit with my mom and attend a scrapbook convention; my sister and our friend G came out to visit in July; my MIL and FIL visited us a handful of times including a very hot day at camp.  My dad and step mom went to a baseball game with us.  We went "back home" for a weekend in July and August.
  2. Get my birthday scrapbooks up to date.  I didn't get this one completely done.  I have them about 3/4 complete, but not exactly what I hoped to accomplish.   Little G's birthday is in October and I'm hoping to get that other 1/4 done before then.
  3. Scrub the living room carpet.  completed.  I know...I'm impressed too.
  4. Get a roofWe haven't come close to getting this one accomplished.
  5. Siding replacement. It's on the calendar for the 2nd weekend in September so I'm considering this one complete.
  6. Car Inspection. We actually remembered to get this one done.
  7. Have the van's hail damage assessed.  We had this done in early June! 
  8. Scrapbook weekly. I may have missed a week or two but for the most part I scrapbooked on a regular weekly basis throughout the summer.
  9. Free bowling.  We didn't get this one accomplished.  We had a very hot beautiful summer and we spent most of it at the pool.
  10. Summer Reading program.  We signed up.  We read a few books. We lost interest quickly.  We spent most of the summer at the pool. 
  11. Read at least three books.  Failed.  I only read one book.
  12. School scrapbooks.  These are ready to go.  But I'll soon need to add....6th grade, 4th grade and 1st grade.
  13. Visit Hershey.  I was very nervous about this trip and thought it might be a form of torture.  However, we stayed the entire day.  We didn't really fight.  We didn't cry.  We didn't get lost.  We had a lot of fun.  Dare I say it but I would be willing to do it again next year.
  14. Use the Pool.  We were there at least three times a week, if not more.
  15. Clean my closet.  I can't believe that I accomplished this, but I did.
  16. Bulletin Board ideasI needed to come up with two unique ideas for the cafeteria and I told one of the kindergarten teachers I would help her out as well.  Our theme this year for Accelerated Reading is under the sea.  Keeping that in mind I made octopus for the one cafeteria bulletin board.  It says Armed with the Rules of the cafeteria and includes the five behaviors we would like to see.  The other bulletin board says Welcome back to school and has all of the classes depicted as fish.  I like how they turned out.  For the kindergarten teacher I made her whales and they say Whale come to Mrs. W's class.  I also did a Dive into a good book bulletin board for 3rd grade.  Don't tell anyone, but I actually like doing it.
  17. Use some scrapppin suppliesI did pretty well with this.  However, I probably bought too much additional paper.
  18. Crayon FactoryUntil about a week ago, I didn't have reliable transportation so this little day trip was pushed to the side.  Now that we have a new van it has a better chance of coming around again.
  19. Encourage my kids to go to summer playground.  I'm pretty sure that summer playground made our summer more enjoyable.  We need a few hours apart from each other or we all start getting on each other's nerves.  My kids loved playground and if you have one in your neighborhood I would highly recommend it.
  20. Go camping.  We went.  We baked in the 100+ temps.  We had fun and we didn't bring the dog.  I think that may have been key.  LOL
  21. Pick blueberries.  We picked two quarts and ate them in a day or two.  They were yummy.
  22. Swimming lessons.  I decided to take Little G out of swim lessons for the summer and to instead encourage him to take the swim test at the pool and it was one of the best ideas I have ever had.  He enjoyed swimming.  He began jumping off the high dive.  He began going down the big twisty slides.  He can actually swim!
  23. Bathe the dog regularlyThis depends on your definition of regularly.  He probably had a bath three times this summer.  It probably should have been six.
  24. Organize my craft room.  This one didn't really happen.  It's still a mess in there.
  25. Cook dinner at least three times a week.  Success.
  26. Pedicure.  I had two...which I guess should make a girl happy.
  27. Housework.  The goal was to keep the house reasonably clean.  I think I made this one, but hubby would probably disagree.
  28. Paint my bedroom.  This didn't happen and probably isn't gonna happen anytime soon.
  29. Teach Little G. to ride a bikeYeah!  Pictures to follow later this week.
  30. Enjoy.  I had a great summer.  Yeah, the kids fought with each other and with me, but that's okay.  We had a lot fun together.  We made quite a few memories that will last a lifetime and for the most part I accomplished all that I set out to do!
How did you do with your summer to do list?

4 random thoughts:

septembermom said...

You did great! We spent a lot of time at the pool too. My carpet really needs a good scrubbing. One of these days. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Bravo...I think you did great;) getting anything done in summer is amazing feat;)

Steven Anthony
Man Dish~Metro Style

Anonymous said...

Congrats on getting so much of your list done!!!

I like making bulletin boards too!

Jenners said...

Wow ... you did pretty darn good. I should go back and see how I did ... considering I never looked at it again after writing it, I'd be curious to see how I did.

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