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Friday, July 9, 2010

To Phone or Not to Phone

When in doubt, ask the web. That's what I always say. Okay, not true but let's just pretend I always say that.
Oldest wants a cell phone.
Oldest is 11.
This seems like a ridiculously young age for any type of electronic equipment that can be easily ruined.
However, she has some valid arguments, which include:
At a birthday party, she was the only one who didn't have a phone and she called me to leave early because she felt so out of place. Everyone was texting each other while they were in the room together.
She could call me from extra circular activities when it was time for her to get picked up.
Her dad would always know what school to pick her up from. (This is an entirely different blog posting).
She could text me about stupid things like all of my friends.
If I should cave under the peer pressure, the phone would not be purchased until Christmas or her 12th birthday, which is in February.
However, I'm wondering should I go with one of those prepaid jobs or should I put her on my plan.
Parents of tweens....what do you do? How do you handle the need for a phone at such a young age? Do your kids pay for their own phone? Do you do the prepay phone or the plan. I'm thinking the prepaid one would be less of a hassle if she lost it.
Your thoughts??

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Anonymous said...

I switched from a contract to prepay....sprint/nextell unlimited text, talk, internet, long distance for 50 a month;) the only good part I can think of about a contract, is if she lost it, the inssurence would replace it.

Jenners said...

She makes a good case, and if she is responsible, it seems like it might be a good age to let her try. Of course, a prepaid one might be the best way to start to see how she does with it.

Let us know what happens.

Joann Mannix said...

I have 3 girls. My oldest didn't get a phone until the 9th grade. When we realized the convenience of having them accessible to us at all times, we got them all phones. My youngest was 11 when she got her phone.

I find putting them on a family plan with UNLIMITED texting, is best. It doesn't matter what kind of limits you put on their texting, they do a lot of it and it's worth the few extra dollars in the long run to get it instead of having to pay the exorbitant overcharges.

And insurance with teens is the way to go.

Enfys said...

Go with the prepaid, that way when she runs out of credits, you can make her wash up, do laundry, scrub floors until she earns some more!! You may never have to do housework again
big hugs
En xx

Becca said...

When Dustin worked for Verizon, he said that 5 year olds would come in with their parents on the regular!!!

I say go for it. BUT I would have huge limitations!

septembermom said...

I put my son on our family plan with unlimited texting. It is a good way to keep in contact. I would definitely get the insurance.

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