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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

LOST: The Candidate

I'm not a big fan of Jack-centric episodes, but seeing as we've gone two weeks without LOST I didn't care what this one was about as long as it was new.

It's opens with a clever play on words. Jack is at the hospital and he tells Locke that "He may be a candidate." Of course, he isn't talking about island life. He is talking about fixing John. Helping him to walk again.

John isn't very keen on the idea.

Never one to take no for an answer, Jack goes searching for doctors who have treated Locke in the past and stumbles into Bernard's office. I love Bernard. Jack is a little freaked out to learn that he too was on Flight 815 from Sydney.
Bernard says he can't help out Jack with the details of the accident but he can tell him who was in the accident with him. Anthony Cooper. He remembers even though it was more than three years ago. In true Lost fashion he tells Jack "I hope you find what you are looking for."
Jack goes to see Anthony at some nursing home and finds Anthony is literally a shell of his former self. Forced to sit in a wheelchair and drool on himself. Many viewers may find this a fitting kharma for dear Mr. Cooper.

Meanwhile back on the island...Sayid tells Jack that Flocke wants to rescue Jack's friends. The gang has gotten themselves locked in the animal cages again. I mean seriously...are there no new sets this episode?
Flocke cuts the power and gets smokey on their ass and soon only the regulars remain....and LePenis.
They head to the plane where Flocke takes out two additional extras and comes out of the plane anxious to tell the remaining "candidates" that it is rigged with dynamite.
**side note** Is there an unlimited supply of dynamite on this island or what?
Anyway, it's pretty obvious to us that he just rigged up that little contraption with the watch he stole from the dead guy but either way everyone is too freaked out to board the plane and they all immediately head for the sub.
This is where things turn south.
Kate gets shot.
Flocke sneaks the dynamite into Jacks bag and everyone takes off in the sub. Everyone except for Claire and Flocke.
Jack grabs his bag to rescue Kate and finds the bomb. Not exactly something you want to find while in a sub diving down.
Jack says do nothing. Sawyer says do something. Sayid says you should pull all the wires out. Jack says don't. Sawyer says who put you in charge. It soon becomes clear that the bomb is going to go off.
In a last ditch effort to redeem himself, Sayid say Desmond is still alive in the well and you should retrieve him. He attempts to get the bomb to the far end of the sub.
Bye Sayid. I will miss you.
The blast takes out LePenis (which wasn't a real shocker.) It also pins Sun to the side of the ship and creates the saddest scene on LOST to date. I thought little could compare to the Jin death scene when we thought he had blown up on the freighter. I heard Sun screaming for him over and over and it was torture.
But this scene. This scene is hard for me to write about. I can't even joke about it. It was so painful to watch. Few things make me cry but I sobbed while I watch as Jin tried in vain to free Sun. I sobbed as the water in the sub creeped higher. I sobbed when Sun pleaded with Jin to save himself. I sobbed when it became apparent that the writers planned to kill off, not one but, four regular characters in one night.
When Jin told Sun in Korean that he would never leave her again. I could barely see through my tears.

When the camera faded to just their hands and the water finally parting them, the whole scene took my breathe away. How sad that they are both gone. How wonderful that they went together.
Back on the island four remain....Jack, Sawyer, Kate and Hurley. Who will we say goodbye to next? Flocke and Claire are in pursuit? Is Whitmore still alive?
In closing we join Jack and Locke at the hospital. Jack tells Locke that he met his father. He tells him that it's not his fault. "What happened happened."
Locke says it is his fault. He crashed the plane they were on. He did that to his father. Jack says no matter how much you punish yourself it will not bring him back.
As Locke leaves, Jack says "I wish you would have believed me."
Good job, Jack. Not everyone gets to use someone's suicide note against them.
Eager for next week when we learn more about the MIB and Jacob, as well as the mystery jungle boy.

2 random thoughts:

septembermom said...

The mystery jungle boy has me thinking...

Great recap.

Becca said...

I was soooooo sad about Sun and Jin. Just broke my little heart!

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