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Monday, April 5, 2010

Weekend Update: Here comes Peter Cottontale

We've been on Spring Break most of this past week and decided to travel to western Pennsylvania for the Easter holiday.

My dad had tickets to the final Johnstown Chiefs game and he gave them to us.  Hubby and I and his Dad and his sister and her husband came along.  It was a good time, but the hockey was a little pathetic.  The Chiefs lost 5-3.

The cousins got to color eggs together.  That was messy and fun.  Of course, now grandma is stuck eating all those eggs.  LOL

Earlier in the week the school district employees had an Easter egg hunt.  I think my kids were a little old for it, but they had fun too.  Here they are pictured with my friend, Becky's, kids.

In the middle of last week, the kids and I and a bunch of our friends went to this place. It's called Bounce U and it's basically a warehouse filled with bounce houses. The kids loved it.

Here's hoping the Eastern Bunny was good to you and that you had a blessed Easter holiday.

4 random thoughts:

Becca said...

Such great photos! Looks like yall had a fun filled Easter holiday!

Steven Anthony said...

what a great time, looks l,ike fun was had by all...the giant boxxing glove cracked me up;)

Janis said...

GREAT pictures! And did they let you keep the gigantic boxing glove? Can I have it? LOL

Please do post pics of the Easter cards you made. I'd love to see them!

septembermom said...

The family picture is great! Glad that everyone had fun :) I like that bounce house place. The kids would keep busy there for hours.

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