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Thursday, April 8, 2010

LOST: Happily Ever After

I was looking forward to this episode as soon as I realized it would feature Desmond.  For many reason, but specifically it's because he is so stinking cute and I just love his accent. 

It doesn't take Desmond long to realize that he isn't living the good life on a ship with his wife, Penny and their baby Charlie.  In fact, shortly after Zoey, aka Sarah Palin wakes him from his slumber he tries to beat Charles to death with a IV pole.

He is unsuccessful and soon learns that he need to take part in "an experiment".

Meanwhile, the Desmond who landed at LAX is smooth, single and employed by Charles Widmore.  If that wasn't enough to make your stomach lurch, I have to admit that the office hug made me vomit a little.

Who's the limo driver?  None other than George!  The same George who was on the cargo ship and couldn't find his constant.  Remember when he died in Desmond's arms?  His last words "I can't get back."  It was great to see him again.  Still working for Widmore, but not bleeding from his nose.

LA Desmond learns that he must pick up Charlie at the police station and "babysit" him for the day.  DriveShaft, Charlies band, is preforming at a benefit being put together by Mrs. Widmore and she is not someone you want to cross.

Desmond having never met anyone quite like Charlie before soon finds himself at a bar having a drink with him.  He tells him about how he nearly died on the plane and how at that moment he realize that he has known love and basically describes Clair but doesn't know how he knows her.  He seems determined to kill himself so he can find her.

Desmond tells him he has a choice.  He can go with him or he can sit around and fantasize about his mystery girl.  "There is always a choice, mate."

The two proceed to Desmond's car and Charlie give Desmond a choice.  He can either get out of the car or stay in it and learn what he is talking about.

Charlie grabs the wheel and drives them straight into the water.  The car begins to sink and just like we've seen before Charlie makes no attempt to stop himself from drowning.  For a brief moment, while Desmond is trying to save him he sees NOT PENNY'S BOAT scrawled on his hand.

Desmond doesn't know who Penny is.
After he and Charlie are taken to Jack's hospital, Desmond is given a CAT scan.  During the CAT scan he has flashes of his other life.  The life he spent with Penny.  The birth of his son.  Soon he is convinced that Charlie may be on to something.

He finds him in the hospital and realizes that he has nothing written on his hand soon he is told by Widmore that he must tell his wife that DriveShaft will not be playing the benefit.

Who, you ask is Mrs. Widmore, F**KING Eloise Hawkings.  But in this episode it is Eloise Widmore!  And Daniel is there...he is Daniel Widmore and not Daniel Faraday.  My brain turned to mush shortly after this.

After overhearing, Desmond ask about Penny only to be nearly beheaded by Eloise, Daniel follows Desmond to his car.

He tells him that just the other day he saw a beautiful redhead who he is certain he has loved before and wants to know if Desmond feels this way about Penny.  Daniel then shows him a drawing he made in his journal and says "I'm a musician and there is no way I should have been able to do this quantum physics.  I think that I may have set off a nuclear bomb.  I think this may mean that we aren't where we are supposed to be."

Daniel tells him that Penny is his half sister and then he tells Desmond he can find her jogging at the stadium.
Desmond finds her and faints when they touch hands.  The agree to see each other again later for coffee.  After all, you always have a choice. 

When Desmond returns to the limo, George says "Did you find what you were looking for?"

Desmond answers yes.  Then he asks if George can get him the list of all the people who were on the flight from Sydney.  George says sure, but why?  and Desmond says he has something he needs to show them.

Meanwhile, back on the island, after turning one person inside out in an electromagnetic box, Widmore throws Desmond into the box and turns it on.  Desmond does not turn inside out.

But when he wakes he is no longer angry.  He is cooperative.  Sarah Palin is suspicious.  Desmond tells her that a lot can happen in 20 minutes.

Sarah says she knows.  She lost an election with a 10 minute TV interview with Katie Couric.

NEXT WEEK:  Hurley and his story.  Damn....I'm excited about that.

4 random thoughts:

Steven Anthony said...

Love the episode, love your desmond, he and charlie have always been two of my u watch flash forward? charlie is on it;)would love to read your thoughts on that show too

Becca said...

I love reading your little commentaries on this show! We couldn't figure out who the limo driving was for nothing so thanks for clearing that up! I second Steven's question, do you watch Flash Forward? It reminds me of Lost because I am so confused as to what is going on LOL!

septembermom said...

I love following through your recaps.

Jenny Girl said...

Brilliant observation! I knew Zoe reminded me of someone but I couldn't put my finger on it. Loved your recap. Great job!

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