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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Welcome home my long LOST friend

***spoiler alert****

By the time the season premiere of LOST aired last night I was literally giddy with excitement. I was sitting on the edge of my seat and just about drooling.

Soon the screen flashed white and I started to view two worlds the "Our plane lands safely in LA world" and the "Oh shit we are still on the island world".

Thus begins the final season of my beloved show and again its asking and (hopefully answering) the question would the survivors of the downed Oceanic flight be better off if they had never crashed on the island?

Often I am asked why I like this show so much. Here are some obvious reasons.

Boone: Oh how I've missed thee. He died in season one or maybe season two but because season 6 is letting us see the "we landed safely in LA world" there he was smiling at me on the plane in last night's episode. That right there is some nice eye candy.

Jacob: Believed to be the "God-like" character on the show seen here with his alter ego the unnamed man in black. He can visit me anytime. Last night we learned that he did indeed die when stabbed by Ben him in the season five finale.

He appeared to Hurley and told him how to save Sayid. He must take him to the temple.

Charlie: Sweet, sweet Charlie. Former rock star, drug addict and island dweller. Charlie drowned in season 4 by was alive and not-so-well in last night's episode. He tried to kill himself on the flight to LAX and was saved by none-other than Dr. Jack Shepherd.

Welcome home sweet Charlie. Welcome home.

Things I noticed in last night's episode:

  • Sawyer really was in love with Juliet. It was sad to see her die. What do you think she met by "It worked?" Personally, I think she was talking about the fact that resetting the bomb really did make Sawyer choose between Juliet and Kate. That, in the end, he picked her.
  • Jack continues to be an ass. Both on the plane and on the island.
  • That even though the plane didn't crash that didn't keep some of our beloved cast members from meeting. Boone met up with John Locke; Jack spoke to Bernard and Rose (who is suffering from cancer); Jack literally ran into Kate and saved Charlie from ODing. Later in the episode, once off the plane, Jack had an interesting conversation with Locke when he told him, "Nothing is irreversible."
  • Jacob really can be killed. I was not expecting that.
  • Alive John Locke is really the black smoke monster and the monster can kick your ass unless you have some ash? Really?
  • There are even more other others on this island and they live in a temple with the guy from karate kid...wax on, wax off!
  • Anyone else think that Sayid looked bizarrely like Jesus coming out of that healing pool?? What's up with that? His character is least like Jesus. He's a murderer and a torturer? I'm not seeing the parallel?
  • Kate ends up in the same cab as Claire. Do you think they will end up as friends and somehow Kate will again end up with Aaron?
  • I don't like the Sun and Jin who landed in LA but I can't wait to see the Sun and Jin island reunion!
  • What's up with the karate guy character and the note? Who wrote the note? Jacob? Why are their names on it?
  • Did Sayid really come back from the dead?
If you blogged your thoughts leave me a link so I can visit!

4 random thoughts:

Anonymous said...

OMG! I totally spaced and missed last nights episode, Im so glad you wrote about it...thanx for catching me up;)

Mariah said...

I was drooling...

Jenny Girl said...

ah your thoughts on "It worked" are very interesting. I know they won't answer everything, but I hope they resolve some things.
That ash must be holy ash, but Smokey still scared him out of his circle, so it's not foolproof.
Great post.

Roxane said...

Oh I'm so happy that I'm not the only one who saw the Sayid/Jesus parrallell I mean c'mon he even Resurrected!

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