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Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday High Five - A.C. Moore and it's bogus advertisement

Angela's Adventures

It's Friday!

You know what that means. It's time for Friday High Five over at Angela's Adventures and Minor Mishaps. Are you playing along? Why not?

I'm burned up a little at A.C. Moore and I want to take this time to give five tips to the management of my local craft depot.

Dear Manager:

I am concerned that you are neglecting your real customers and feeding the frenzy of reselling sale items on Ebay to make a profit. Here are some tips I think you should implement, follow and adhere too.

  1. If you put it in the flyer, order extra. You should not be sold out of anything in your sales flyer by Sunday afternoon. Your sale started five hours ago and lasts all week. Not acceptable.
  2. Hire knowledgeable staff: Why is it that your staff quite often has no idea what a glue dot is; can't tell me where you keep the Prismacolor pencils; has no idea if there is any wizard themed paper in the entire store.
  3. Limit product purchases: This goes back to my number one point. You shouldn't be sold out five hours into your sale. People are reselling your sale items and making a profit. That is wrong. Especially since my southern friends don't have A.C. Moores and can't buy the sale items. Do not let anyone buy more than three of the same cartridge at one time. I know they will come back and buy more later, but at least it will be more difficult for them.
  4. Honor your rainchecks: If you are going to offer a raincheck, you should be required to honor it no matter when the item comes into the store.
  5. Offer your sales items on your website: This seems like a no brainer.


An irritate customer

4 random thoughts:

septembermom said...

I have had some of these same issues with my A.C. Moore. I love to visit there but I get frustrated by the lack of knowledgeable staff too. You're right that their sale items seem to disappear off the shelves immediately. Come on guys, plan for your sales. Great Friday High Five. Wish those A.C. Moore guys were bloggers and got the message:)

Julie said...

Why not send an email to AC Moore with your concerns? No one complains to the correct people so the issues never get resolved. I used to work at an AC Moore so I know that if you send a letter to corporate someone WILL take action.

AC Moore doesn't blog but they do have a "forum" on their website.

Happy crafting!

Dan said...

I suspect that it is not just A.C.Moore - I find that most stores no longer have knowledgeable staff. At least I live in a small town where I can talk to the owner ho is usually knowledgeable.

Angela said...

I have no clue what or who A.C. Moore is BUT this fine little letter here could be sent to many retailers. I hate going in for a sale item the day the ad comes out and they are out of the item or it hasn't come in yet! Seriously! Hire me....I'll fix this problem!! My parents just closed their retail store of 24 yrs about 4 months ago and the knowledgable staff part IS ACTUALLY HARDER THAN IT SEEMS. Younger people are the only ones who will work for less money and by work I mean stand around texting or talking instead of working. Most young adults have a sense of entitlement instead of work ethics. It is sick and really annoying to run a business with idiots like themselves. I could go on and on about this topic BUT I will spare you the rant!! Hope you had a great weekend! You should email A.C. with your concerns!

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