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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bulletin Board Update

Many of you were disappointed to learn that I decided not to run with my multi-cultured groundhog bulletin board.  In fact, Jenner's went so far as to offer me money to put it up.  LOL

Today I didn't have time to put the Valentine board in place, but I did take down the snowman board.  Here's what he looked like and I have to tell you...I'm gonna miss him!

The letters were cut at 5 inches from the Alphalicious cricut cartridge.  The snowman was made from pieces cut from George as well as the new snowman friends cart.

I spray painted a little snow over the name of the elementary where I work.  Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to post a picture of the new board.  However, we are having tangerine chicken for a Japanese meal tomorrow and who know how long that will take...

sounds messy doesn't it?

BTW:  Punxy Phil always sees his shadow because he has 50 spotlights beaming down on him....I have issues with that silly little rodent!

3 random thoughts:

Dan said...

Anything that mixes a color and a chicken with elementary school kids is bound to take longer than you thought possible.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the snowman... ;)

Jenners said...

Oh ... that was a cute one!!! They are lucky to have you to do this ... I'm sure it is 100% better than anything they had before.

And I'm glad I get to keep my $5!

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