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Friday, October 23, 2009

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Suckation 2009

I hope to see you again.


Much thanks to Supah Mommy and Princess of Sarcasm for the opportunity to about post a few things that I couldn't (or won't unless somebody pisses me off) on my blog.

Due to the fact that I have many things to get off my chest, I'm going to compile a list and call it...

Bitch Fest 2009

1. The Queen of Complaints

I love my MIL, but she is the biggest hypochondriac I know. She ALWAYS has some aliment. You know how you ask someone "How are you?". Well unless you want to kill 30 minutes listening to someone complain, don't ask my MIL.

Granted she does have some legitimate health concerns, but if I say my back hurts, hers hurts so bad she can hardly move. If I say I've got a headache, hers has been hurting for days. If I say I'm tired, she didn't sleep at all last night. See where I'm going with this?

Sometimes if I'm not feeling good, say a headache, I don't even mention it because she already has and then I'll sound like a hypochondriac. Does that make sense?

The only times that I one-upped her is when I was pregnant. Kinda hard for a 60-year-old to copy that huh?

Oh and they live next door.

2. The Princess of Denial

I also love my SIL and her boyfriend, but she is living in a dream world if she thinks they will ever get married. He has got to be the cheapest person I know. He and my SIL "go dutch" on everything! Dinner, movies, entertainment, whatever. She pays for her own stuff!!! From the day I met my hubs, I did not pay for a thing. Hell, now he even pays for his own birthday present. But that's another story. It's just the Southern thing for gentlemen to do.

They went to Disney World with us recently. We spent more than $5000. They spent maybe, MAYBE $500. Probably closer to $300. They stayed at a cheaper hotel, barely on property (I had to insist on that), where he could get the points. She payed for half. Every day, they had to go WAY out of their way to meet a guy who could get them in the parks for free. On Sunday the guy couldn't meet them, so they didn't go into the parks. SIL hasn't been to WDW in 20+ years, but BF used to live in Orlando. So she missed a whole day. Instead, they rode around & he showed her his old house, school, etc. What fun! But that did lead to us eating at Joe's Crab Shack that night, where I got wasted. Very well deserved.

This year, my FIL bought her a house and paid for it to be TOTALLY renovated. All she pays for are utilities, phones, stuff like that, which she did at her other house. He's also paying to have her old house fixed up to be sold or rented. Since they split everything already, if they got married he basically wouldn't have to pay for anything but the ring. And hell, she's leaning on 42 so she'd probably split that too.

3. My Busy-Body Mother

I really much love my mother, but she needs a project that doesn't involve me or the church. She is way too involved at our church. I'm not talking the religion part, though she does tend to go a little overboard on that sometimes too.

We're talking the business end. And volunteering. She's the church treasurer, helps with the Needy program, sings in the choir, plays the bells and serves on about 4 committees.
I'm the Children's Coordinator; since we have a paid Children's Ministry Director, I help with the programs but it's basically a name on a page. But my mother, since she is at the church office so much, feels like she needs to discuss everything that goes on with me. She really likes the CMD; so do I, but I don't get paid nor to I have the time or space in my mind to worry about any of this.

And my poor BFF, she's the Nursery Coordinator; they're trying to get the nursery redecorated; my mother is about to worry her to death. And me. And I don't even have a child in the nursery!

If you want to chit-chat, let's gossip or talk about other people. Let's be catty. My brain can handle that. It's on overload right now.

I think I'm fixing to call her & put her on going through ALL my children's clothing. That should keep her busy for a week.

Okay. Since this is so long and I want Supah and Princess to do this again, I will conclude Bitch Fest 2009 now.

Hope my crazy life makes yours a little more enjoyable!

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6 random thoughts:

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

Sounds like my mother too. She needs a dang hobby!!

septembermom said...

This is an interesting idea. After reading that post, I think that I may not have too much to complain about after all :)

Stacey said...

This bLerApy thing has done wonders for my self esteem. I now know I'm not the only one dealing with crazy in-laws.

Life with Kaishon said...

I could have sworn I left a comment on this post already. Wierd.

I hope your Sunday is wonderful and you don't hear any complaints from anyone : )

Enfys said...

I hope your mom doesn't take up blogging as her new hobby/passion, she might read this post. Ditto MIL, although she is probably too busy being ill to blog. You make me laugh - always
En xx
(your self proclaimed adoptive mother who is not a hypochondriac, and doesn't do pot-luck suppers)

Kimi said...

PS... There is a little something something for you here

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