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Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend Update: Fall Fest, sicko kid and hubby, impromtu visits and birthday parties! Oh My!

This weekend was again jammed packed full of fun! Friday night was our elementary school Fall Festival, complete with D.J., which my kids absolutely LOVED!

Here's the school principal dressed like a princess with my oldest as Mulan.

Here's Middle G with one of her good buddies, M. M. was out of school most of the week because she had the flu so it was no surprise to me when Middle G. woke up on Saturday with a fever!

Here's little G dressed like a police man with his good friend C. C and Little G are both 6 and yes...he is that much taller than him.

Here's all three of them before we left and before the weather took a turn for the crappy! Hubby and I both dressed up for the event, but I guess I don't have pics of that. I was ketchup (LOL) and hubby was a surgeon. A pretty cute surgeon...
On Saturday, since Middle G was not feeling great we decided soccer in the rain probably wasn't the best move and she said home.
My dad was supposed to visit but he has the flu so he cancelled. When my mom found out he cancelled she decided to visit instead. Mom and her husband came Saturday evening and stayed until Sunday afternoon.
My son had a birthday party to attend on Saturday night and Oldest had a birthday party at a skating rink to attend on Sunday afternoon.
Things were go go go and then hubby started feeling crappy Sunday morning. Here it is Monday afternoon and he is still in bed. I got the kids ready for school and worked till 2 p.m. so I'm not sure if he hasn't gotten out of bed all day or not.
H1N1??? May be time to breakout some yellow police tape....

3 random thoughts:

kys said...

Great pictures! We've got the piggy plague over here, too.

septembermom said...

Sorry about your sick ones at home. Hope they feel better. Love all the costumes. My little daughter would love to be Mulan!

Jenners said...

Love the costumes ... please show yours!!! Please! How are you ketchup??????????? I must see it!!!

And I hope everyone gets better soon and this isn't the horrible dreaded swine flu!

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