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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Writer's Workshop - some friendly advice

Dear Rent to Own Violin Company:

Thank you for allowing my oldest to rent a violin starting in 3rd grade. We have enjoyed listening to her pluck it and bow it (is that the correct terminology?) over the course of the last two years.

Now that she is in 5th grade and her music teacher is dangling band instruments in front of her she no longer wants to play the violin. The noise music was amazingly loud from such a small instrument and we are eternally grateful.
The good news is my middle daughter, who is in 3rd grade, is itchin' at the bit to start the violin. She can't wait to take said violin to her first lesson.

Being the wonderful, honest mom that I am I decided to call you up and tell you that oldest would be handing the violin down to her younger sister and that since they were are at different school buildings I thought you should know. Can you please update your records to reflect this change?
That is not our policy.
You need to return that violin and rent another one and forfeit the $200 + you've already paid on it.
Have you been smoking crack?
Why would I return a violin that I've been paying on for two years so I could turn around and rent it again? Starting at the beginning? Who in their right mind would ever agree to that?
So being the wonderful, honest mom I am, I simply took out oldest's name tag and inserted youngest. Lesson start next week.
Now does anyone have a cheap clarinet I could borrow?

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septembermom said...

So far I've been lucky that my boys aren't excited about the orchestra or band. I have a feeling that they would share my husband's total lack of musical talent :) Wish I had a cheap clarinet for you :) Good luck to your little musicians!

Dan said...

I don't know about a clarinet. L still has hers from more that 35 years ago around here, but by this point it is a permanent attachment. I always knew there was an advantage to playing tuba - you don't haul it around as a sentimental keepsake!

Unknown Mami said...

That policy makes no sense. I thought honesty was the best policy, but apparently not.

Erin said...

That's a ridiculous policy! I think you made the right choice! =)

Becca said...

That is sooo nuts! I can't believe they would expect someone to actually do that! I would have done exactly what you did! Instruments are WAY too expensive... geez!

Miss Angie said...

That's crazy, and I'm pretty sure it's wrong. I'd turn them into the better business bureau.

Los said...

Stupid rent-a-violin company! That's absolutely ridiculous. Hopefully, you'll post something on some consumer website, so nobody else goes through this!

InkHearts said...

Do people really fall for that? Geez, they must think we moms are morons....Jerks! I would have done the same thing. I bought DD an inexpensive flute in the 6th grade when she started band. The Music Store wanted like $1,250 DOLLARS!!!! for a new one by the time you finish renting it! Keep in mind that she gets bored of things about five minutes after she starts them! LOL I got a call from the Band Director aka. The Flute Nazi! (Seig Heil!) She gave me H**l over that flute! seriously...finally I went on eBay and bought a used Gemeinhardt flute for $75 dollars.(a great deal!)Just to shut her up! Geez! It is a great flute and really has a nice sound, but guess which flute had some of the keys fall off in the middle of the Christmas band concert? Yup...the Gemeinhardt....:o)

word is: thijamed, this is what happens when a 38 year old mom (not mentioning any names) decides to take an adult ballet class and finds out that she has forgotten most of what she learned at the tender age of 12!

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