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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Three things I learned at the school cafeteria over the last three days

Regular readers (if I indeed have any) will remember that I accepted a job as Lunch Lady Extraordinaire (or LLE for short) and my first day was this Monday.
Since I have a whopping three days under my belt and feel like an expert on the subject I will enlighten all of you with useless information about the school cafeteria.
  • The amount of food wasted by K-3 graders could feed a small country.
  • Kindergarten students often have no idea what their first AND last name is.
  • Kids love hot dogs; I, on the other hand, hate hot dogs; they make me a little nauseated. I served 191 of them today.

Do you feel enlightened?

6 random thoughts:

Crystal said...

Oh poor girl! I hope the job goes better!

Anonymous said...

I think hot dogs are mystery meat..ewwwwwwww

My first big crush was on a lunch lady named Miss Lisa, I was nine;)

Jenners said...

I bet you are dreaming about hot dogs!! ICK!

Becca said...

Oh gosh ha! Sounds like fun times

Unknown said...

Extremely. My MIL served as a lunch lady in Denver many a moon ago and still can't bear to see some of the foods that were very popular with the kids then.

septembermom said...

You could write a book about this experience. Looks like you would get plenty of funny material. Kindergartners do crack me up when you ask them the most basic info. Sorry that you're surrounded by so many hot dogs :)

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