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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Post it Note Tuesday --- what will you say today?

It's Post It Note Tuesday over at Supahmommy and here's your chance to play along. Why bother getting wordy when no one is listening. Just put your gripe on a post it note and call it a day. Here's a few to get things rolling.

Seriously, they are so fun and once you get started you won't want to stop!

12 random thoughts:

SupahMommy said...

oh yeaaaaaaah !! THose were HILARIOUS!

I loved the dog one.. and the kid one..
I loved them all!!

THank you for playing along!!
It's starting to warm up!
Stay tuned and come back next week!!!!!


Poolside with the Girls said...

I can totally relate to the dog note. Good gravy do they like to chew.

Have a great week!

Princess of Sarcasm said...

Sorry I cut you off in traffic yesterday...I was just "waving."

Chief said...

Hey! love your postits!

SparkleFarkle said...

Post-it Note Tuesday's THE best idea! (How will we ever thank SupahMommy? Hmm. We could possibly start with A YEAR'S SUPPLY OF CHOCOLATES!) I looove your note to "Jack." I believe he was in the lane to the left of me yesterday.

Shell said...

Addicting, isn't it?

septembermom said...

Great post it notes! I bet the dog would hide from you if he could read :) I should play along one of these days. Looks like fun.

Raine said...


Jenners said...

Oh I can see the fun in that! They just look so cute on the screen! Plus they are funny!

Angela said...

This looks fun! I must do this next week!

Amber said...

Love the notes! Totally agree with the dog one. Our dog used to chew all our shoes now she just chews paper and bottles

Stepping On Cheerios said...

Great, Great, Great!

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