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Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday High Five - Kelly Clarkson comes to the fair

Kelly Clarkson is playing my fair tonight. Even though it is currently pouring down rain I am so excited to go! My mom is coming up from Virginia and my friends Becky and Rachel are also going.
Here's the plan:
  1. Have supper at the fair: When I say supper I really mean a fried Oreo.
  2. See the crafts: I love to walk through the building with all the crafts.
  3. Dance through the raindrops: Seriously--no kids and good friends--who cares if it rains
  4. Try to keep my camera dry: H.A.T.E. getting my camera wet.
  5. Sing this song as loud as possible: I love, love, love this Kelly song and I'm hoping she belts it out tonight!

5 random thoughts:

septembermom said...

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! Sounds like it's a great time ahead. Do you know that I never had a fried Oreo?

Janis said...

Have a GREAT time!

Angela said...

Wow, have fun!!! I love Kelly! Fried oreo? Is that good?

Dan said...

Enjoy! I like Kelly Clarkson's music too.

Becca said...

That is so awesome! I hope you had a fantastic time and that the rain didn't destroy it! You better be back with a ton of pictures!

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