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Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekend update: a taste of summer

My kids have summer fever and I think I'm catching it as well.  We spent five hours at the pool on Saturday and even though the water feels like ice they had a blast. 

My hubby is in hockey heaven as the Penguins are in the Stanley Cup playoffs.  However, they are now down two games to Detroit.  Hopefully they can turn things around.

Sunday we had a roller coaster of a day with Sunday school, church, lunch, t-ball and trying to put the house back in some sort of order.

My house is still being invaded by flies and couple that with this preview and I'm seriously freaked out.  Any suggestions?  I have fly tape all over the place and it doesn't appear to be helping.  One is crawling across my screen as I type this.

Here's hoping you had a great weekend! Minus all the flies

3 random thoughts:

septembermom said...

Those flies would drive me crazy! Glad you had fun at the pool. My kids have been nagging me to go, but I was afraid of all that cold water:)

Caitlin said...

Wow! That trailer was SCAAAARY!
I am sorry about the flies- we have the same thing but with little bitty ants. Yuck!
And 5 hours at the pool?! I bet that your kids slept HARD that night!

Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

Eeeeeeeeek ROFL, I saw that movie over the weekend... um, I'd say that most of the scariest parts (that fly scene had me utterly and completely freaking out) were in the preview, and the rest tried to make up for it by being... gross. Green slime kind of gross.

But yeah, I think the moral of the movie was "don't piss off gypsies." Note to self... ;)

Sounds like you're all kinds of busy! I'm starting to daydream of beaches and pools myself... hurrah summer!

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