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Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend Update: Baseball, t-ball and some more baseball

This weekend was the last weekend of t-ball; Little G is going to really miss it. He had sooo much fun. He got to play with a lot of his neighborhood friends. I love this picture; little G is #6

Here he is showing off his trophy. He was very excited to get this; his sister have a lot of them and this one is his first. He has it prominently displayed on his dresser.

As part of the weekend festivities on Saturday we went to a minor league baseball game and his team got to run out onto the field with the "big boys"; Little G was super excited and only slightly disappointed when he learned that he wasn't going to stay out there and play.

The girls have to get into at least one picture in this weekend update. Oldest had a fabulous time at camp. We picked her up on Friday and she was actually excited to see us and managed not to fight with her siblings for an entire day! It was wonderful. Here they are with the team mascot.

What did you do this weekend?

4 random thoughts:

InkHearts said...

Hey Wen!
Sorry to be so MIA, just lots going on right now. I am going to post very soon explaining my absence, but it involves a brushfire, a snakebite and a trip to the ER!

Word is "fosplar": which I think is a bone density drug!

septembermom said...

All those little guys in their uniforms look so cute. It's really cool that they got to run out on the field with the "big boys". Glad that your oldest enjoyed camp. I always wonder about how those mascots don't overheat in those costumes.

Jean said...

That picture at home plate is adorable!! You have awesome zoom on your camera!

Jenners said...

Super cute! My little one just got his first trophy for soccer and it is his pride and joy. It is the first thing he shows anyone who comes in the house ... cracks me up.
: )

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