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Monday, April 13, 2009

Weekend Update: Resurrection Sunday, Ham, Egg Hunts

I hope your Easter weekend was filled with family and very relaxing.  We had my mom and step-dad over for Easter dinner.  The food was very good, especially since my hubby cooked it all.

Grandma brought additional baskets for the kids and then we had an egg hunt.  My mom works at a bank so she always puts 50 cent pieces in some of the eggs, which even my 10 year old thinks are quite the treasure.

Middle daughter found the treasure bag and the most money so oldest had to pout for a while but everyone seemed to have fun.  (See picture above)

Friday I took the kids to a gianormous McDonald's near our house to meet up with some girlfriends of mine that I hadn't seen in quite sometime.  Jenny was only in so her kids could see their dad for spring break.  They live in Michigan.  It was great to catch up with them.

We went to A.C. Moore (tell me how much you love the fact that they now have a rewards card) and after that the kids and I went to the pet store and bought Copper a gentle leader, which I have to say I love.  It is a collar that makes it impossible to him to pull me or the kids when we walk him.  My hubby doesn't care for it much, but he isn't getting his arm pulled out of the socket.

When Copper is wearing this he can't even pull my 5 year old.  I love it.

My kids were up at 6:10 a.m. to look for baskets on Sunday morning and I don't think I've fully caught up on my sleep yet.   It's hard for me to get motivated this morning. out...after this cup of tea, I'm going to get to tacklin' you. 

3 random thoughts:

Becca said...

Sounds like yall had a busy but wonderful weekend. I am so not looking forward to the day that Autumn wakes us up that early. I don't know how you did it!

All the kids look adorable with their Easter baskets!

Enfys said...

Sounds like a busy but fun weekend.
En xx

Jenners said...

Looks like a good time was had by all!

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