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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lost - Whatever happened happened...huh?

I guess we were all right to assume that Ben wouldn't die.  Of course, I didn't see the whole "Let's take him to Richard twist".  It was a little hard for me to grasp.
Even knowning all that they know, Kate and Sawyer were like "Sure, you can take away his innocence and wipe out his memory, just make sure he lives."  It seemed a little far fetch given everything they know he does in the future.
My favorite conversation of the evening was by far the one between Miles and Hurley.  It was nice to see Miles again.  I missed him.  Hurley's comment about the movie Back to the Future was hilarious.
A close second was the conversation between Juliet and Jack (in a towel).  It wouldn't be LOST without Jack, whining about something.

We finally got our answer about what Kate did with Aaron.  Most of us had assumed that she gave him to Clair's mother and our assumptions were confirmed.
I thought Clair's mother's reaction was a little down played.  I mean if some crazy plane crash survivor came to my door in the middle of the night and said, "BTW, we are a bunch of liars and your daughter is really alive and the child I've been caring for is really your grandson," I may actually need to sit down.
Clair's mom barely reacted.
Look's like next week's episode will reveal whether or not Desmond and Penny met up with Ben before he got aboard the doomed flight.
Here's hoping Desmond is the one that messed him up and Penny and little Charlie are still alive.

4 random thoughts:

Becca said...

We missed last night's episode. But we DVR'd it so I will be back later to actually read this post. So very tempting!

jen said...

I agree with you, I don't think I would have handed him over to Richard after the creepy speech he made. I would have called DSS and had a background check done on him.
And yes, Jack is a big baby. I don't like him so I'm taking my ball and going home.
There were many things wrong with the convo between Kate and Gramma.
I want to see Desmond again, and get some answers about Daniel. Where'd he go?

Kacie said...

and I don't really get the comments "he'll lose in innocence"

HOW? What does that mean?

Becca said...

I cannot believe that they handed Ben over! It just doesn't make much sense. Of course, a lot of what goes on in Lost does not make any sense to me at all.

I am just really ready for some answers I suppose.

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