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Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday High Five - why I don't like the pediatrician; five projects I'm working on

Today is Friday High Five and I feel like writing five reasons why I don't like taking my children to the pediatrician.  1) I don't like taking the healthy children to the sick waiting room to play with all the streptococci covered toys. If my child only has ear pain, no fever, no cold symptoms, no cough, is it wrong to go in the well room? 2)  My appointment is 11:45,which means that we won't get called back until 12 noon and then we will have to wait another 15+ minutes in an even smaller room. 3) I think, if anything, oldest has swimmers ear; but hubby wants her looked at because he says she has been complaining about her ear for two weeks.  I disagree. 4) Personally, I think you should only have to pay a co-pay if they find something wrong...LOL 5) There is no school here today because it is a teacher work day, so I have to take everyone to the pediatrician's with me.
On a happier note:  I wanted to feature the five projects I'm currently working on.  These are the birth announcements I have been working on my my friend.  I know they are very simple, but I think she will like them.  The were embossed with my cuttlebug; the baby is from the NA cricut cart and her face is a peachykeen stamp
This is the spring wreath I am working on for my mother-in-law.  I was hoping to have it done today, but seems I've run out of hot glue sticks.  May have to stop at the store on the way home from the pediatricians office.
These are the two autograph books I am making for my cousin's kids.  They are going to Disney at the end of the month.  I was hoping to have these done this weekend as well but It's not looking promising.  I still need to sew on a page protector and run everything through the bind it all.
I'm working on a layout from Hershey's Chocolate World and check out the paper I found.  It's Hershey's chocolate bars!  Don't you just love it!
Here's hoping you have a safe weekend.  We are traveling to celebrate and early Easter with some family.  I will be sure to post pics in my weekend update on Monday.
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4 random thoughts:

InkHearts said...

Wen, I love that wreath! What a creative idea, I may have to steal it. Did you get your surprise yet?


Word is: disocize, which is the new exercise craze you can find on the Food Network.(aerobic veggie chopping...sounds dangerous! hehe)

Becca said...

I hate having to take my girl to the pediatrician's office too so I can definitely relate to that. Of course, I am sure every mom feels the same way.

I really like all the projects you are working on. The wreath is especially cute!

Angela said...

Thanks again! I hate going to the pediatrician too! Our old ped used to have a sick waiting area and a well check waiting area BUT you had to walk through the sick one to get to the rooms! Not too smart if you ask me! And why do they call you back then make you wait again ~ my view = call me when you know you are ready! Plus why does the nurse ask a ton of questions that the doctor just repeats when he/she comes in. Ugh! Hope she is feeling better! Cute projects! You need to post the instructions for the spring wreath ~ too cute!

Jenners said...

I hear you about the pediatrician. Never a good time ... and I almost want SOMETHING to be wrong to justify the trip!

And I love the projects ... I really like the spring wreath! And the birth announcements are so cute too.

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