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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lost - Dead is Dead (shouldn't there be an astrisk?) *except on this island

Last night's episode didn't really answer many questions for me and I missed the Dharma gang.  I really wanted to see more about that. 

We already knew Ben took Alex from Danielle.  That wasn't very enlightening.  What would have been more enlightening was someone asking Richard what moisturizer he uses since he never ages and no one seems to care.

We already knew that Ben somehow took over Charles place on the island and had him banished.  Other than seeing what that looked like we received no further answers.

I must admit that the smoke monster is a little shark jump for me.  How many of you were waiting to hear Dory from Finding Nemo say "Are you my concience?" when the black mist surrounded Ben.

Total ironic that this episode was entitle Dead is Dead, after all John Locke wasn't exactly dead and then we had a interesting visit from Alex as well.  Raise your hand if you were hoping she would kick her father's sorry ass!  Me too.

The good news:  Ben was unsuccessful in his attempt to kill Penny, or at least it appears that way.  Perhaps, Desmond is convinced that he was successful in killing Ben.

As for me, I'm hoping next week's episode is a little less "out there". 

3 random thoughts:

Kacie said...

I put Richard's lack of aging in my top 10 lost unsolved mysteries post. :)

Crystal said...

I think the title is completely significant and it means what is says. These writers don't screw around with words. Dead IS Dead. That's why I think John is dead. It's all on my post

Heather J. said...

It has been quite entertaining to see all the different takes on this episode. Some people LOVED it, some people really didn't like it, others thought it was too cheesy ... ah, the diversity of LOST fans! LOL

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