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Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday High Five - a little bit of randomness from my otherwise random week

Is it really Friday already?  How did that happen?  In two days, the Easter bunny is scheduled to arrive.  Along with my mom and step-dad.  Are any of them expecting Easter dinner.  ** note to self  ** remind hubby that he has to cook something on Sunday.
Today I decided to highlight five fun events that happened this week.
Here is middle daughter playing with Copper.  I really like this picture because she has always been the most frieghten of dogs.  As an infant she used to scream and cry anytime a dog would come near her.  This picture shows me just how far she has come.

On Monday, we tie-dyed eggs.  It was actually really fun.  The kit came with a little egg holder with some holes in it and an eye dropper to drop the dye onto the eggs.  The kids actually managed to take turns doing this activity.  That in and of itself is an Easter miracle.
On Tuesday, Oldest was in a Spring Musical (while it was snowing outside) and sang her little head off.  She also played the violin and did a great job.
On Wednesday, little guy and I went to an afternoon egg hunt.  As you can tell, it is still cold outside as he is with the Easter bunny, wearing his winter coat.  By the time we left this egg hunt, I thought my ears may need to be amputated as they had a little frost bite.
Last night, little guy started t-ball.  It was so fun to watch all those little five year olds running around.  Obviously, since he is now in short sleeves you can probably tell that our weather has improved slightly.  LOL 
Such is Pennsylvania in the spring.  It could snow tomorrow.  To learn more about Friday High Five and/or to play along visit here

4 random thoughts:

Becca said...

Awe! What special memories have been made in this past week. The pictures are all adorable. Seems you've got yourself 3 great kids!

Angela said...

Sports crack me up when they first start ~ hilarious!! I wanted you to know I am holding off the call to DHS even though I think you may have drugged the kiddos......seriously.....they took turns! What is up with that?? lololol I can say there is not much of that around here! Good to see she likes dogs now!

Enfys said...

Oh, I enjoyed today's post, what great photos. I do think the Easter bunny looks just a tad miserable, all hunched up in his thermals. My favourite photo is the one of the kids with the eggs, they all look so happy. Have a wonderful weekend
Enfys x

Jenners said...

Love all the photos!
I'll have to try tiedying the eggs ... that sounds cool.
And I love your bunny ears! : )

Have a great Easter!

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