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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kharma - the good and the bad

Let's recap:

About two weeks ago my oldest and I were visiting Quiznos for lunch and she headed over to the pepper/pickle bar (I'm thinking about putting one of these in my kitchen) and comes back with not only peppers and pickles but also a credit card.

It's not mine.  Someone named Daniel.  After briefly considering having lunch on Daniel, I decided to ask if there was anyone in the building with this name and lo and behold he was stuffin' himself in the back corner.  Ever so grateful to get his credit card back he said "Wow, thanks."

Oldest was hoping for a cash reward.

Last night my family and I attended a 4th grade spring concert.  As we were leaving, middle daughter finds George Cotanza's wallet.

After looking around and ascertaining that no one was looking for it, I decided I would take it with me and turn it into the school principal.  While I was in the mob with the other 700 parents, I notice someone who I thought might be looking for something.  I approached and asked if they lost something and frantically they replied their wallet.  Grateful that someone honest had found it they said, "Wow, thanks."
I was hoping for a cash reward.
Today at Stuff-Mart, I left one of my bags behind.  Raise your hand if you hate those little turn tables that they put all the groceries on. too.  Anyhoo, it was quite sometime before I realized that I had left my bag behind and when I called Stuff-Mart they told me that it was not in their "Oh, shit, I left my bag behind department."
In other words, there was no one for me to stay "Wow, Thanks" to.  Perfect.  I thought there was some old Chinese proverb that said what goes around comes around.  How come someone kept all my stuff?
To the person who took my bag and didn't return it:  I hope you enjoy those CD-RWs that you didn't pay for.  May you never lose any information you store on them.  Here's hoping that you hate country music or that you already have the new Taylor Swift CD.  Enjoy the tuna and the flat bread.  I hear it is good for you.
A happy ending:  It wouldn't be right not to end this by giving Stuff-Mart a shout out.  The "Oh, shit, I left my bag behind department" let me get all of the stuff without much question.  In fact, when I explained that there were no more packs of CD-RWs (the only reason I went to Stuff-Mart in the first place) the refunded the amount of the disks.

2 random thoughts:

Jean said...

That's awesome! I was just getting ready to try and download the CD for you!

Becca said...

Ha! If only everyone was just as honest as you! I have also left several bags behind on that little turn table thingy!

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