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Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekend update: Houseful of Grandparents, Sushi, Little Shop of Horrors, scrappin time and snow

This weekend was jam packed full of activity. We had out of town family visiting to celebrate Big G's birthday. My 10 year old picked Tokyo Diner for her birthday dinner. She loves to watch the chef making the hibachi. Pictured below left to right: My hubby, my son, me, my niece, Big G, my dad, Middle G and my step-mom.

Looking around at the other side of the table now...from left to right: my sister in law, my nephew, my brother in law, my father in law, my mother in law, my grandma, and my mom. As always the food was excellent. My grandma had never been to a hibachi before and said "This is the first time I've ever had a man cook for me." LOL

Most of this crew went home after dinner. My dad and step mom stayed overnight and went to the high school musical with us on Sunday. They preformed Little Shop of Horrors. It was cleverly done and I was very impressed with the costume design and the plant. I don't know who made the man-eating little sprout, but they did a wonderful job.
Today the kids had a snow day. We got 6 inches of the winter mess and nearly doubled all we've had this winter. As you can see from the above photo, Middle G was quite happy about it.
Since Wednesday, I've made 23 scrapbook layouts. I'm on a mission to get more scrappin done. I need to play on my laptop a little less. So for the month of March I will be featuring at least one new layout a day.
This one is the last soccer game of the season (a few years ago). I bought the die cut at the scrapbook convention and really like how it turned out. I'm pretty sure you can click on it and it will get larger. Let me know if that doesn't work.

3 random thoughts:

Enfys said...

Looks like a fun night with the family, love your grandmas comment! Obviously where you get your sense of humour from.
Gorgeous and striking layout, love the silhouette.
Enfys x

InkHearts said...

Hey girl! I bet you guys had a good time! I love going to our Japanese place called Tokyo. They have hibachi and sushi, it is one of my fave places to eat. LSOH is one of my love to see shows! We don't get snow down here like that! Love your layouts, especially like the soccer ball.
Word of the day:
This is the name of the hostile race of aliens that inhabit the planet that our romance novel is set on. Colonel Ovende is at war with them as we speak...hehehe

Jenners said...

Sounds like a full but fun weekend! I love those type of restaurants, and I LOVE that scrapbook layout! Very creative and fun to look at!

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