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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Five things I learned this week

I think I may make this column a regular blog feature.  Here's hoping that the things I learned this week will somehow help you make it through next week.

  1. This week I learned that spell check is not very reliable.  Duel vs Dual.  I find that when embarrased it's best to just come right out and admit it.  **stands up, clears throat**  My name is Kisatrtle and I'm an idot.  I submitted an article for work about a school district offering DUAL enrollment opportunities, except in my version it said DUEL!  Everyone in the newsroom had a big laugh at my expense.  However, I'll have you know I'm not convinced that had it gone to press as written that many of our readers would have caught it.  LOL 

  2. I learned that my daughter pretends not to listen to me, but that she actually hears me quite well.  As I said in an earlier post my oldest has had her first experience with "mean girls".  If you are a women, you know what I'm talking about.  This week she spoke to her school counselor about what has been happening and when the counselor called me she applauded me for the techniques I gave oldest for dealing with these little bitches troubled girls.
  3. I learned that my nephew is adjusting well to his new diabetic lifestyle.  He is maintaining his blood surgar levels with only a few shots a day.  Sometimes only one.
  4. I learned that my husband absolutely loves having a dog.  I watched him play with Copper on the floor just like I watch my son play with him this morning; and
  5. I learned that my son is simply not good with memorization.  He is five and doesn't say the alphabet and can't count higher than 11.  When he says the pray at supper time it goes something like this:
God is Good
God is Great
Thank him for this food
His hands feed us
Thank you for everyone in the world
Do you remember when you were thankful for everyone in the world?  I know I'm thankful for little boys who aren't very good with memorization.

2 random thoughts:

MaryNSC said...

I wish I had a spell checker glued to my HIP.. Nobody does worse than me with the ENGLISH..
How Do U spell SPICKET..
When I am mad at my sisters I will not let my spell checker fix my emails..
It takes me 5 seconds to write it and my spell checker 5 minutes to fix it..

InkHearts said...

I am usually the "good speller" in the house, but when I DO misspell, boy is it a doozy! LOL I would be interested in your techniques for dealing with those "troubled girls." hehehe My DH has issues with that as well....Aren't 5 year old boys just the sweetest? Mine still thinks I am the most beautiful lady in the world... **melting with happiness**
I just try to enjoy it now because all too soon he will be a stinky teenager and want NOTHING to do with his Mom. *sigh*

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