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Friday, January 16, 2009

Things I'd like to accomplish this weekend

Another to do list...yikes.  It seemed to work out for me last weekend so I'm going to try again.

  • Safe travel to and from North Carolina.  I'm driving to my sisters this weekend with all three kids.  Thankfully my mom is coming too.  We are going to Virginia tonight to pick her up.  Pray for some peace and quiet in the vehicle.
  • Put laundry away.   I'm actually cheating a little.  I finally got that laundry off of my dresser!  I just did it today so that sort of counts doesn't it?
  • Watch the Steelers tromp all over Baltimore.  Seeing as I only live a short distance from Baltimore, I may have to move if the Balti-morons win.  One thing is for sure, I'm not watching a super bowl featuring the Ravens.
This weekend's update is sure to feature photos.  Have a great one!

2 random thoughts:

InkHearts said...

Three kids in a car AND your MOM? You DO need prayer! LOL Seriously, I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I hope the Baltimor-ons get their butts kicked! (I am SOOO not a football fan, but I can cheer on your addiction!)

Enfys said...

Hope you got it all done. As an ignorant Brit, who or what are the steelers? Why are the Ravens so awful?
Enfys x

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