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Monday, July 7, 2008

A tour of my craft room and my 100th post!'s my messy craft room for your viewing pleasure. I was going to clean it up a little bit, but then I realized it always looks like this so you might as well see the true version. Guess I can't yell at my kids about cleaning up their mess anymore...LOL

3 random thoughts:

Bren said...

Great space!!! Lots of goodies! Love your sign!

Brensdesigns from Cricut

MaryNSC said...

O M g u had me cracking up.. I just posted mine but I put mine on You tube..I Love your space.. we have so much of the same things..EVEN THE WEBKINZ!!! HAHAHAHHA I did not show mine.this was fun!!!!!
hugs marynsc
I found U at the Pink Stamper..
let me go now and take a Look at your Blog.. I Loved your layouts on the wall..WHOOEE they are SUPER!!!

Robyn said...

Love it!!!! Way to go! I love how you have your kids baby pics on your walls. I might have to try that, too.

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