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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Just Write Tuesday #12

I don't feel much like writing today. I've been staring at this computer screen for longer than I should. Here's my entry for Just Write Tuesday.

"Dandelions in my shoes, in my shoes, in my shoes. Dandelions in my shoes, oh lucky shoes," sang T.J.

"What are you doing," asked Brant, from the front porch of their house.

"Planting flowers in my sneakers," replied T.J., "What does it look like?"

"It looks like a whole lot of trouble to me," said Brant. "Those aren't dandelions, Sherlock, those are the marigolds mom spent all day yesterday planting and I don't think she's going to appreciate your abstract gardening abilities."

T.J. thought about what his brother said for a long time. He looked at his new sneakers overflowing with dirt and flowers and couldn't help but think that his brother was most likely right. Although, T.J. wasn't about to tell Brant that.

"I'm going to grandmas," he said and without bothering to put his shoes on he walked the three blocks to his grandmothers house.

T.J. had always hated shoes and rarely wore them. The dirt and the gravel didn't bother his hardened soles as he skipped along to his grandmother's house.

When he arrived at 215 Marmalade Ave a weird sensation came over him. Where was his grandma? Why was her front door ajar, with the screen flapping in the breeze?

Ever so slowly he walked to the door. "Grandma," he hollered, "Are you here? Grandma?"


T.J. jumped at the sight of Inspector Gadget, Grandma's cat. "What has you so spooked?" he asked the cat as he patted his head.

Mustering up all the courage he could, T.J. stepped through the door and hollered for his grandmother a third time. Again, like the time before, there was no answer.

When he got to the kitchen, T.J. had a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. The table was overturned and all of the drawers had been emptied. His grandma's lunch was still uneaten on the table, only a bite was missing from her sandwich.

Whoever had visited his grandma's house moments before had been looking for something, but what? And was grandma with them?

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