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Friday, September 14, 2012

Lessons from the lunchlady: I'll have the cheese balls

This week was typically chaotic but filled with lots of laughter. Thankfully I didn't implode any noodles.

Here's what I learned in the lunchroom:

Pass the cheese balls, I mean the sweet tots. This week we served sweet potato tator tots that looked exactly like cheese balls. "Ooooo I'll have the cheese balls!". How cute is that?

It's all about the slushies. A little kindergartener came wondering on through the line. When she didn't pick up her tray or even stop we called to her. "Don't you want your lunch?" "No, I just wanna a slushy." Sorry, hon, they may be 100% fruit juice but they alone don't make a qualifying meal.

Meatballs + cheese = yes please. It's super cute when the little ones get excited about their food. "Yous guys put cheese on the meatball subs! Wow this is the bested day ever."

Pass the rockoli. Today we had broccoli dippers which are just raw pieces of broccoli and low fat ranch dressing. Listening to those little kids ask for rockoli, brickoli, and trees made me smile.

Name the cafe. Turns out our cafeteria is the only one in the district without a name so I thought it would be fun to hold a contest and have the kids come up with the name. Winner gets some really cool Lunch Lady books and other reading material along with their winning name on the menu starting in November.

What did you learn this week?

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~Wendy said...

This week I learned that you can have as many 16 oz. sodas as you want in NYC but you cannot buy a bigger one.

I also learned that no matter how good you are in math and/or physics, it is impossible to estimate how far or how high that bull frog in the middle of the turnpike is going to jump when you are going 70 mph.

Monkey said...

This week I learned that a true friend stands by you no matter what...and I am pretty blessed in the friend department....and btw I love those sweet tat totts :)

Jenners said...

The contest idea is awesome!! I'm curious to see what suggestions are turned in. And I got my son to eat broccoli from an early age by calling them trees. ; )

Lady Goo Goo Gaga said...

very clever to disguise food as cheese balls....I am going to try that!!!

Kristie Maynard said...

You learned some great stuff this week, didn't you.
I learned that even though I just think I'm the average crafty person, there are people who think I'm amazingly talented and want to be like me. Who'd a thunk!

Pat said...

That's a cool idea to have a name-the-cafe contest! I'm eager to hear the results - AND the submissions!

Moving with Mitchell said...

Oh, no! Can you really eat those cheese balls?!? I always love these lessons. Be careful what you wish for: Can't wait to read the entries for the Name the Cafe contest!

Rebecca said...

I learned that no matter how many times you try to be nice to someone they just don't like you so get over it.

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