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Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend Update: Indoor Water Fun, A touch of Spring and a Slap of Winter

Oldest G turns 12 on Thursday.  Just typing that makes me feel a little old.  For her birthday, we decided to go to a not-to-far-away indoor water park and spend the night.  She was allowed to bring a friend but unfortunately her friend got sick and wasn't able to join us.  Big G was only bummed a short while and quickly made a friend at the park.

Here she is looking more and more like me (posture and all) on the side of the jacuzzi.

Here is middle G crossing these crazy monkey bar things the had.  You could tramp on the floating alligator pieces, but they actually made it harder.  It was fun to watch the kids try this but I was too chicken to give it a go.  No upper body strength.

Now the jacuzzi...that was more my speed.

Here's middle G on the dolphin in the middle of the pool.  We had a good time.  The sign out front was advertising 84 degrees in our indoor water park...I beg to differ.  Maybe the air temp was but the water wasn't even close! 

Which explains why I spent most of my time in the jacuzzi. 

Speaking of the weather I may have to write another open letter to Mother Nature.  On Friday it was 71 degrees here and I was thinking about sending her some fan mail.'s 27 and we are expecting 8-10 inches of snow. 

If we don't have school tomorrow then we have to tack this snow day onto the end of the year and I'm not happy about that.  Tacking days on means less days at the pool for me and quite frankly that's gonna annoy me.

Sweet Mother Nature...what's the problem?  The groundhog said early spring.  Can't we all just get along?

2 random thoughts:

Kristie Maynard said...

Looks like y'all had a great time at the water park! You think you feel old? My daughter turned 21 today! I don't know how this happened! Good thing I'm not actually getting any older, it's my only saving grace!

Jenners said...

That looks like a fun water park! And they are NEVER as warm as they say they are.

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