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Monday, August 5, 2013

Cotton candy flavored grapes?

Cotton candy grapes? Seriously? What is wrong with grape flavor? I don't think I wanna pay $6 a pound to have grapes that taste like cotton candy.

While I understand the growers motive, which he claims is to make kids want grapes instead of cotton candy, I think he is going about it all wrong.

Here's why.

Kids like grapes. If you're gonna change the flavor of something, why not focus on the cranberry? Or asparagus?

Kids need be taught from early on that this is what grapes taste like. Take it or leave it.

This whole idea sort of reminds me of the asshole of a nurse I had in the labor and deliver room when my middle daughter was born. I was having a lot of trouble latching her on. She just wasnt taking to it very well.

The uneducated woman attempting to help me said, "She just needs to get a taste of it," and preceded to dump a bottle of formula all over my chest.

Here's what I learned from that experience. Middle G still couldn't latch on and formula is sticky. If your child doesn't like grapes or won't try grapes, making them taste like cotton candy isn't the solution.

Designer grapes? This is what we are working on? How about feeding the hungry? Curing cancer? Making produce more affordable for those on a fixed income?

Cross pollinating or fruits to taste like candy? Well that should be significantly lower on the list.

Just my humble opinion.

2 random thoughts:

Mitchell is Moving said...

They really taste like cotton candy?!? I thought it was just a very peculiar name for a produce company. Why would you need to make sweet grapes -- a fruit that many kids take to easily -- taste like cotton candy? Candy good? Fruit bad?

Kristie Maynard said...

Very strange idea if you ask me! Grapes are probably the easiest fruit to get kids to eat. Strange, very strange!

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