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Friday, May 10, 2013

Lessons From the Lunchlady: I'm back....

It's been awhile since I've shared some cafeteria adventures. I was feeling a little burned out from blogging but I'm ready to make a comeback.

Here's hoping that a few of you are still reading and that maybe you'll bring a friend or two with you.

Being a superhero is pretty darn cool. May 3rd was School Lunch Superhero day and we were treated to some really cool cafeteria decorations, thank you notes and even a dance number. My favorite were the notes depicting my hairnet.

Sunflowers are my favorite. The preschool class gave me a sunflower they planted from a seed and told me "Happy Mudder's Day". It may have been the single cutest thing that happened to me this week.

Old people make me laugh. While serving lunch to a ton of grandparents this week, I was asking if they'd like milk or water. One grandpap asked "Got any beer back there?"

Vanilla milk takes down chocolate. Can you believe that there is a milk flavor that can take down chocolate as the champion?? Turns out my kiddos are in love with vanilla milk. It sort of tastes like melted vanilla ice cream. I'm still shocked that so may of my students love this milk.

"I don't wike the wed things." I don't know how you feel about red peppers but I think they are delicious. The students, on the other hand, are not all that fond. They are totally convinced that they are spicy. Now they've started asking me to take put all the "wed" ones.

They don't know what's good!

What have you learned while I was gone??

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Aimee Conley said...

Gracie keeps going on and on about the vanilla milk and how delicious it is, that it tastes just like vanilla ice cream. Noah thinks it's gross. :-) Thank you for being a blessing to my family!

Mitchell is Moving said...

I wonder what your superhero name would be: Heddy the Hairnet Heroine, Hairnet the Heroic, the Hairnet, just plain Hairnettia

Jon DeepBlue said...

Heddy the Hairnet Heroine?!?

Mmm, I'm not sure about that one, especially when pronounced by a bunch of kids.... pretty sonn you'll find the anti-drug squad invading the cafeteria!

They don't know what's good, eh?

I know some people who don't like soup!!!

We're still here! ;)

Kristie Maynard said...

So glad to see you're back and going strong. Missed you!
Vanilla milk, eh? Don't know about that one, I'd still go for the chocolate.
What have I learned while you were gone? Ummmmm, let's see there must be something, I know I learn something every day.........Oh here's one, I have learned that no matter how warm it gets in early May, do not put the air conditioner in the office window. My hubby wanted to be helpful and knows how stinkin' hot it gets in the office, even when it's only in the 70s. So he put the air conditioner in and this week it's gotten pretty chilly. Today it was down around 40 and believe me that AC sure lets in some cold air. I'm sitting her with the space heater directed toward me.

Jenners said...

So white milk isn't vanilla milk?

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